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A "Brave" New World of Fear And Compliance

They still lurk in our midst; those sullen, withdrawn specters who won't look their fellow citizens in the eye, as they slink along among us sporting their masks and studiously maintaining their "social distancing." Sadly, if this kind has small children, who are at virtually zero risk of contracting or spreading any lingering remnants of the Wu-Flu, those unfortunate little ones are invariably muzzled just like the parents.

What isn't always immediately evident is the dichotomy of both arrogance and fear that motivates such people. On the one hand, they blindly ingest the toxicity spewed at them from CNN, the New York Times, and every other venue of leftist ideology, by which they are daily marinated in a mindset of fear. In saner times, being bludgeoned in this manner would have driven them to look elsewhere to properly connect with reality. Yet the other even more addictive element with which leftist Fake News delivers its poison is the assurance of unassailable "virtue" of those who diligently drink the Kool-Aid.

Hence these people are not only hopelessly wedded to a worldview that ensnares them and maintains them in that pathetic place, they suffer its effects believing they are doing so as morally superior citizens, who set an example that we should all follow. Yet the physical harm they cause to themselves with such smug behavior actually pales in comparison to the mental damage they do to themselves and any others who embrace their thoroughly negative synergy. And that includes those innocent children who are subject to their fear and sanctimony.

The whole lockdown regimen came with far too much ease on a once-free America. From its start, the movement was clearly political and had only the flimsiest facade of being about public "health and safety" in any respect. Governors Gavin Newsom of California, Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Jay Inslee of Washington, and Andrew Cuomo of New York, hardcore leftist Democrats all, set the stage by demanding absurd and overblown restrictions on the most basic tenets of Americanism, from freedom of assembly to freedom of worship. Meanwhile, they and their kind were frequently caught on camera flagrantly and happily violating their own edicts.

The obvious hypocrisy and duplicity of such shameless public figures were only eclipsed by their cold-blooded willingness to intensify the effects of the virus in every possible manner, from forcing infected individuals into the midst of the most vulnerable in nursing homes, to aggressively denying them access to remedies that showed great potential to alleviate and even cure the virus. Not only did they all revel in their ability to oppress Americans under virtual house arrest, they actively threatened medical professionals with fines and jail time for daring to prescribe HCQ and Ivermectin; pharmaceuticals possessing noteworthy qualities of immediately improving the health of those using them.

Next came the "vaccines." Reflecting the basest and ugliest trends of a collapsing culture, power-grubbing leftists did their utmost to demand Americans accept, under threats and force, untested and likely toxic substances into their bodies, with no guarantee of any actual value, and a real possibility of dire side effects. The numbers of such repercussions did indeed begin to trend and have done so ever since. Yet the major political players of both parties and their Fake News parakeets were as unwilling to report such incidents as they had previously been eager to grandstand every time they could attribute the latest death to Covid, whether the connection was real or totally contrived.

What is most important to understand about this abhorrent situation is that the groundwork was actually laid for it over a span of years. The pattern of proclaiming a "looming crisis" and then viciously castigating any who dare dispute it didn't originate with the "pandemic." It was diligently pursued in precisely the same manner throughout recent decades with the hype and panic over supposed "global warming." By such means, Americans have been thoroughly conditioned to believe such decrees and respond with mindless obedience.

In the same fraudulent manner, those at the top of the "Environmentalist" pyramid can live in palatial estates, fly around in opulent private jets, and in every manner materially indulge themselves to the extreme, while insisting with straight faces that unless the common peasants (You and Me) give up our standard of living and revert to third world squalor, the earth is doomed. The glaring nature of their hypocrisy makes no impression on their truly devoted minions, who reflexively respond to any criticism of such duplicity only with attacks and condemnation of those who dare to point out the obvious hoax.

So to nobody's surprise, Democrats are once again taking their shameless arrogance to new levels. In the wake of Hurricane Ian, Kamala Harris exhibited a degree of repugnant vitriol that stunned all but the most toxic leftist devotees. Rather than seeking to comfort and encourage all those who's lives and property had been devastated by the storm, Harris seized on the occasion to fan flames of racial discord by insisting that government assistance must be doled out not on the basis of need, but of ethnicity and social class of the recipients. For the left, death and tragedy are "opportunities" to use vast government resources to further fracture the Nation, despite all the needless suffering and anguish such behavior will inevitably instigate. In the process, everyone is gravely harmed, with the sole exception of leftist Democrat power mongers who always benefit from the pain, misery, and havoc they wreak.

Again, none of this is about helping people. It is all about politics and gaining power through their plight. The pattern is no different than it was from the first days after they exuberantly proclaimed that we were in the midst of a "global pandemic." Who can possibly doubt that such detestable behavior is absolutely deliberate?

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His book “Rules for Defeating Radicals,” subtitled “Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture,” is the “Go To” guidebook for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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