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A Confused Generation:

~by Pastor Bristol Smith

Take a look around you and ask yourself this question, “How did we

become so confused?” This is actually a pretty simple answer but it is

also pretty controversial.

In 1 st Corinthians 14:33, God makes it clear. He is not the author of confusion. With this being said, we have to ask ourselves who is the author of confusion? If it isn’t God, that can only mean that Satan is the author of confusion. Satan loves to have us confused because if he can accomplish that, he can get our minds off of what God wants us to do.

Satan is working overtime to make sure that this generation is as confused as they possibly can be. Men can’t tell you what a man is and women can’t tell you what a woman is. We are seriously having arguments about men being able to use the women’s restroom and women being able to use the men’s restroom. This generation actually believes that men can be pregnant. This can only be the work of 1-person and that is Satan.

In the book of Ephesians, we are told that we are in a spiritual war. Satan is working in a major way and he is starting with this generation. Satan is the ultimate author of confusion and you will only continue to see this get worse unless the Christian people take a stand. It’s high time for the Church to put on the full armor of God and proclaim the truth no matter the cost because we have an entire generation that is confused by the enemy.

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