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A New Greener Deal

~by Michael Scott

In third-grade science I learned that carbon dioxide was bad for humans to breathe but great for plants. Plants build their tissues by using photosynthesis to take carbon from the air around them. So more carbon dioxide should mean more vigorous plant growth. The new Green deal peddled by virtually every socialist like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, wants to cut all greenhouse gas. 

To achieve this they will systematically shut down oil, gas, and coal operations throughout the United States. Replace then with greeeeen sustainable renewable energy sources like wind and sun harvesting. Petroleum isn't going anywhere regardless of mans attempt to shut it down.

 A 2003 report from the National Research Council estimates that, on average, approximately 160,000 tonnes of petroleum enter North American waters through natural seeps each year. The waters off southern California are one area in particular which host hundreds of known, naturally occurring oil and gas seeps.

These seeps contribute about 5 million gallons of oil to the ocean annually, with wide year to year variation. They likely have been leaking for thousands of years. Although their rate of release may vary over time, the locations of seeps are consistent and predictable.

 Slicks from many larger seeps are visible by satellite, and some are persistent enough to be featured on navigation charts.  

In my New Green deal, I would increase production of oil, coal, and gas while also increasing technologies that harvest ocean tide energy and friction highways.  All synthetics imported by foreign countries would be scrutinized, such as cheap building materials, textiles, technology hardware, and home furnishings. All products manufactured using natural materials such, as wood, glass, masonry, leather, etc would have special tax write-offs and incentives. The New Greener deal will be based on scientific facts rather than science fiction and hysteria. "The earth can take care of itself" as once quoted by the late comedian and philosopher George Carlin. 

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