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"Abandoned in Niger: U.S. Troops Left Vulnerable Amidst Political Turmoil. Shocking Revelation Inside!"

Emotions ran high as demonstrators flooded the streets of Niger's capital, passionately demanding the immediate withdrawal of United States troops. The fervor intensified following the military government's decision to terminate a longstanding military agreement with the US and extend a warm welcome to Russian military instructors.

A handwritten sign in English boldly proclaimed, "USA, leave Niger now," signaling solidarity with the military government's bold move in mid-March to revoke an agreement that had permitted approximately 1,000 US military personnel to operate from two bases within its territory.

The crowd was also heard chanting “Down with American imperialism” and “The people’s liberation is on the march.”

Since last July, Niger has been under military rule, initiated by General Abdourahmane Tchiani, a former UN Peacekeeper and commander of Niger's presidential guard, who ousted the democratically elected President Mohamed Bazoum.

According to Colonel Amadou Abdramane, the spokesperson for the ruling military, Niger has abruptly halted its military agreement with the United States, dealing a significant blow to US security interests in the region.

In December, a White House report to Congress indicated approximately 650 US military personnel were stationed in Niger. Niger's capital is a significant US military airbase located in Agadez. This base is utilized for both manned and unmanned surveillance flights, alongside various operational activities.

Near Agadez, Niger, a drone facility known as Air Base 201 was constructed at a cost exceeding $100 million. Since 2018, this base has been pivotal in targeting ISIL (ISIS) fighters and Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen (JNIM), an affiliate of al-Qaeda, within the Sahel region.

Since July 23, French troops have withdrawn, and Russian soldiers have assumed the task of training officers within the military government. The presence of Wagner, the Russian paramilitary group, is notable in the region. Furthermore, tensions have escalated between Mali and the United States, with the US imposing sanctions on Malian military officials in July due to their connections with Wagner fighters.

Representative Matt Gaetz addressed the situation in Niger: Claiming "The US State Department is engaging in a Coverup on the conditions of U.S. Forces in Niger, leaving our troops in harm's way."

Considering the questionable foreign policy decisions made by the Biden State Department, including funding both sides of the conflict in Israel and Gaza, the withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan, and potentially exacerbating tensions between Ukraine and Russia by encouraging Ukraine to join NATO, one might wonder: Is the United States on the path toward another Benghazi-like situation?

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