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Baton Rouge Principal on Leave for Suggesting Students Stand for National Anthem

Rob Howle Lee High School Principal was just placed on administrative leave following his comments insisting that students stand for the national anthem.

The administrator was placed on leave after images of the text were circulating on social media. The text declares that "playing football is a privlilege not a right. If they don't want to stand they can turn in their equipment and we will refund their money.

Social media activists and BLM supporters were quick to jump onto the band-wagon claiming it was the students rights to protest during a football game.

A statement from a school spokesperson said the school system "respects students' rights to freedom of speech and expression."

"The Office of Human Resources initiated an investigation based on information received today regarding Liberty High School. As a result, an administrator has been placed on administrative leave. In accordance with the Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook, the East Baton Rouge Parish School System respects students' rights to freedom of speech and expression and promotes responsible citizenship."

Liberty High recently changed their name from Lee High due to the recent protests and removal of statues around the state.

Social media influencer on instagram GaryChambers @GaryChambersjr posted on his instagram account "The school system has placed Rob Howle on leave, he needs to be fired. He is principal of Liberty High (formerly Lee High).

"So we get the name of the school changed from a racist confederate general, to have a tyrant as principal of the school with mostly Black students? He thinks he can take away resources from students? He thinks standing for the flag is more important than their humanity. Clearly Howle has a disconnect from the 80% school district he works in."

"Fire this man, and hire a culturally competent principal for the school we fought so damn hard to change the name of. Baton Rouge just keeps showing its tail. Have you not learned we will expose you? All of you bigots need to be on notice. We are fed up!"

In an environment where students are required to be at school at a specific time until a specific time, they are required to ask for permisson to leave class. Bells that direct them where to go and the length of time they are required to be in class. According to East Baton Rouge Parish who supports their freedom of speech, expression and citizenship, are also the same group that require them to follow the rules mentioned above. Seems a bit contradictive. What are your thoughts?

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