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Benedict Biden's Open Border Bloodbath!

Just eight months shy of the 2024 Presidential Election and we are witnessing some of the most despicable politics one could have possibly ever imagined play out right before our eyes as a desperate and decrepit "career politician," if you're being polite, or, moreover, a charlatan, conman, trickster, and my personal favorite, a psychopath if you're being honest, Joe Biden, the power-hungry, virtue signaling, war-mongering-neocon and pandering pathological liar-in-chief, takes dirty to a whole new dimension as he suddenly morphs into a "Border-Protector-in-Chief" who, after spending three years utterly devastating America with his self-inflicted border catastrophe, now wants us to believe that he cares about our safety, our security, and our Sovereignty… of course, assuming you are stupid enough to believe his bullshit, that is. 

Needless to say, whilst, relying on the short-term memory, idiocy, and Constitutional illiteracy of the Democrat electorate, Joe Biden, the face of a three-year effort to destabilize our country and destroy our sovereignty by importing over 10 million illegal aliens for his and the Democrat Party’s electoral benefit, remains steadfast and true to his pathetic, senseless, and feckless form as the cowardly gaslighter and buck-passer in-chief in an effort to not only, 1) deflect attention away from his deliberate decimation of our Southern Border, rather than being a real man about it, admitting fault, and taking responsibility for his destructive immigration policies that, as a direct consequence, led to, for example, 22-year-old college student Laken Riley’s heinous murder on February 22nd, 2024, in Athens, Georgia, at the hands of a 26-year-old Venezuelan illegal alien by the name of Jose Antonio Ibarra, who unlawfully crossed our Southern Border in September of 2023 under Joe Biden’s expansive "Catch and Release Open Border” operation, but 2) also in an effort to bend and negate reality by, of course, blaming President Trump and Republicans for the out-of-control Southern Border crisis that he, and he alone, in point of fact, not only needlessly manufactured but deliberately set in motion within hours of taking office on Wednesday January 20th, 2021, with a veritable tsunami of Executive Orders that were effectively a "come one come all" OPEN, global invitation to not only illegal economic migrants from every continent, crevice, and corner of the universe but to the world’s worst of the worst, not only resulting in a massive upsurge in convicted-criminal-illegal-alien-encounters, entries, and gotaways whose crimes include murder, assault, rape, pedophilia, and Radical Islamic terrorism, but also triggering what has evolved or rather devolved into a chaotic, unrelenting mammoth mass invasion, or, rather, a subversive scheme to flood the nation with illegal aliens, i.e., future Democrat voters, in what has not only become the largest incursion this country, or for that matter, any other country on the face of the planet has ever witnessed or experienced but has led to a massive strain on already financially strapped Americans in addition to exponentially increasing the likelihood of another 9/11 style calamity.

In the last 36 months, with daily approximations ranging anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000 and roughly 200,000 to 300,000 per month with an overall recorded estimate of well over 10 Million illegal border crossers, excluding gotaways, we are easily looking at a historical record of upwards of 15 million illegal aliens who have ostensibly disappeared and melded into the interior of the United States since Joe Biden seized office… indeed, numbers that have now surpassed and eclipsed the population of 36 States in our Union. Of course, not surprisingly, the data shows that the vast majority of these illegal immigrants are military-aged men… a bloc that includes a subgroup or faction of men coming from intercontinental Middle Eastern countries in Africa and Asia, such as Somalia, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Nigeria, which, of course, are not only countries that are considered hotbeds of Radical Islamic Extremism but whose denizens wish us ill-will and have come to our shores for no other reason other than to do us harm… the 6 feet under, pushing up daisies kind of harm.

Needless to say, it is relatively safe to assume, or as logic would strongly suggest, or, rather, affirm, particularly in light of the spine chilling upward trend of depraved degenerates logged and listed on the FBI's terrorist watch list who have been caught attempting to evade capture by entering the United States outside of our established ports of entry along our Southern Border ever since Joe Biden, in an irrational fit of vindictive rage and TDS spite, decided to revoke President Trump's remarkably successful border security measures, policies, and Executive Orders, in addition to canceling his highly effective terrorist hotspot travel ban on January 20th, 2021, that it is only a matter of time before another horrific and devastating 9/11-style Radical Islamic terrorist attack is felt across the homeland, compliments of the corrupt, compromised Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden... but hey, what's another betrayal, slaughter, and bloodbath of the innocents, of Americans, by the enemy if it keeps the Industrial Military Complex in business, right… after all, who are we but American America last "second-class" citizens, or, at least, to democrats, that is.

Indeed, "The devil's come in the back door. And now it's a matter of whether we can identify who might pose a threat to America before they pose a threat to us…" a momentous task of epic proportions given the sheer volume, the unsustainable numbers of illegal aliens who are not only rushing our Southern Border on a daily, or, rather, more specifically and appropriately put, hourly and minutely basis, but who are also overwhelming our Border Patrol Agents who are regularly castigated and demonized by Democrats for doing their jobs while they are left shouldering the unbearable, emotionally toll and traumatic burden of fishing the lifeless bodies of men, women, children, and babies from the Rio Grande every single solitary day of the year, as they, undermanned, underpaid, and overworked, endeavor to process, for the most part, bogus asylum claims on top of chasing down gotaways, including drug mules, convicted murderersrapists, pedophilessex traffickersMS-13 gang members, and terrorists who are and have been flooding and swamping our Border States and cities across the interior, wreaking havoc everywhere they go and committing violent and oftentimes deadly crimes against Americans, as we saw with Laken Riley, Kayla Marie Hamilton, Mollie Tibbetts, and 2-year-old Jeremy Poou Caceres, to name but a few among the countless other victims of Biden's insidious "Open Border" electioneering operation.

It goes without saying, especially now that election season is upon us, in what not only appears to be convenient timing and an all too predictable pattern of shirking his Constitutional Oath, duties, and responsibilities to the American people, our Sovereignty, and our National Security that Joe Biden and Democrats would yet again use President Trump as their veritable scapegoat in order to deflect and project blame for Joe Biden's failures and border catastrophe onto Trump simply because he opposes Biden's secretly negotiated monstrosity of a border bill, titled "The Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, of 2024," that if passed would do anything and everything except secure our border, whilst allowing "the Biden Administration to again fund "sanctuary" jurisdictions and NGOs that have been facilitating mass illegal immigration, using federal grants provided by the Departments of Homeland Security, State, Justice, and Health and Human Services." The bill not only "funds and facilitates more mass illegal immigration," continuing to "encourage asylum fraud and accelerating work permits" in "violation of the Homeland Security Act and section 103 of the Immigration and Nationality Act," but in truth, it is nothing but a contrived, unconstitutional Establishment Deep-State amnesty bill for the over 10 plus million illegal aliens that Joe Biden invited and encouraged to violate our immigration laws, not to mention the utterly ludicrous fact that the bill would ostensibly hogtie and prevent all future Presidents from implementing border security measures that would safeguard our Sovereignty, National Security, and thwart future illegal migration, ergo codifying the Democrats contrived electioneering operation that would, in short order, turn the United States into a Cultural Marxist One-Party-Nation-State. 

Indeed, it is truly breathtaking that Democrats somehow believe that they can do just about anything: lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, and spin a tall tale and narrative, propagate it, and get away with it, landing on both feet each and every time, but here's the thing, particularly as it pertains to our Southern Border, as Democrats and the vast majority of Americans well know, thanks in large part or rather in full measure to President Trump's America First agenda and extraordinarily effective and successful Border Security policies and measures, that we, as the data reflects and affirms, had, in point of fact, a never-before-seen all-time historical record-low in not only illegal border crossings but also in sex trafficking and drug and fentanyl smuggling when President Trump was in office… a fact that no matter how many which ways to Sunday Democrats try to spin and manipulate the narrative, the people will never forget. 

Additionally, Americans are also astutely aware of the absolute unadulterated fact that the record-shattering number of people crossing our Southern Border has not just increased under Joe Biden's leadership or rather lack thereof, but it has quite literally gone nuclear and exploded, reaching unsustainable levels, and not because our immigration system is broken, but moreover because Joe Biden, in violation of his Oath of Office, not only declared "Open-Border-Season" on the United States the day he shuffled into the Oval Office office on January 20th, 2021, deliberately flouting Article IV Section 4 Of The United States Constitution with wanton contemptuous disregard, but also because he, as Commander-in-Chief, is refusing to enforce the numerous other, and rather effective, immigration statutes, provisions, and laws that are currently on the books.

And there is a cloak-and-dagger reason for that! 

You see, during campaign season, we routinely, or perhaps a more fitting description would be "habitually," have to listen to politicians whine and echo the same old tired one-liner lie that "our immigration system is broken," like a cassette player stuck on rewind, BUT here's the thing, our immigration system is not broken. That is, in fact, not only one of a number of obvious discernible, blatant lies that anyone with a single sensible brain cell could and should be able to figure out after taking half a levelheaded millisecond to give it some realistic, commonsensical, rational fact-based thought but also that Joe Biden and Democrats are, in point of fact, currently using as a means to forgive themselves for the last three years of the unforgivable… for not only decimating our Sovereignty and putting our National Security in serious peril, but, as a direct consequence, putting the lives of Americans in grave danger!

So why does the left parrot this lie? Is it because there are more foreigners who want to immigrate to this country than there are resources available to facilitate them, and therefore, at least according to Democrats, that somehow denotes or serves as an indication that our immigration system is kaput? Or is it just the agreed-upon contrived narrative used to cover a more clandestine and deleterious ulterior motive? Is it the former, or is it the latter? I believe it's the latter. 

You see, in my opinion, we don't owe it to the millions of unvetted natives —(from somewhere in the region of 190 various Nations, seven continents, and four hemispheres presently storming and breaching our Southern Border in violation of our Sovereignty and our laws)— to upgrade our immigration system to meet their demands. 

We do NOT owe these denizens anything.

How about this for a powerfully impressive and effective immigration system, finish building the damn fking wall as House Majority Republicans proposed and passed in their "Secure The Border Act" that passed along party lines, with 219 Republicans voting in favor to 213 Democrats voting against securing our Southern Border on May 11th, 2023 at 4:23 pm.

How about that for the ultimate cure-all to our purported broken immigration system? 

I don't know what's in the water that Biden and Democrats are drinking, but the last time I checked, Americans need jobs too, and it's neither the American taxpayer's responsibility nor sovereign duty to employ and care for the global population; it's not our burden to bear, shoulder, fund, and/or fix their economies, particularly when our own is crumbling beneath our feet thanks to Joe Biden's anti-capitalist, Marxist policies. As it is, our streets are crawling with homeless, destitute Americans, many of whom are veterans, courageous, heroic patriots, and warriors now living with the seen and unseen scars of war. Men and women who have selflessly sacrificed so much for so little to keep us safe, some paying the ultimate price with their lives and others coming home with not just missing limbs and broken bodies but with broken hearts, minds, and spirits too, sacrificing their sanity for the love of country and fellow men, only to return from the battlefield to be thrown to the wayside, left homeless, hungry, and humiliated, discarded like worthless, disposable pieces of trash in Joe Biden's America, in order to make way for and to accommodate unvetted illegal migrants, the newly minted present and future Democrat voting bloc, who have done absolutely nothing in service of our country, but commit violent crimes against Americans and violate the very Sovereignty that our now bereft and indigent GI's so bravely fought to defend and protect.

The idea that we owe millions of illegal Biden Border Crossers something, that their demand to be in the United States and cared for by the American taxpayer while homeless, destitute American veterans starve, is somehow a right of passage, an entitlement, because their countries are economically fucked up, and they need jobs, is utterly insane. 

We owe them nothing, and we owe our veterans absolutely everything. 

In my opinion, the invasion at our Southern Border is not about a broken immigration system as Democrats claim and would have us all believe; it is about manipulating our election system, whether those on the left care to admit it or not… that is the unbridled naked-truth.

Democrats have spent the last three years scampering and scurrying, capitalizing and encouraging millions of illegal aliens to rush our Southern Border in order to build a new voting bloc, whether they eventually become future legal voters or whether they are current and future illegal voters, Democrats don't particularly care, discriminate, or distinguish between legal and illegal when it serves their purposes and agenda, and everyone knows it, especially and conspicuously in light of, evidenced by, and owing to their repeated, albeit failed efforts to: 

1– legalize voting rights for illegal aliens in Democrat-run States.

2– to federalize election laws, thereby enabling the left to eliminate voter ID requirements in Republican States, hence making it easier to cheat. 


3– by perpetually suing the State of Texas in an effort to keep our Southern Border open, thereby preventing Texas from locking down and securing its borders and State's Sovereignty for the safety of its citizens, thereby enabling the Biden Administration to pave a highway for illegal aliens into the interior of the United States.  

Why go to all this trouble if it weren't about electioneering? 

Wouldn't it be far easier to run a merit-based campaign? 

Well, of course, it would, that is, if you believe in the Constitution and America's founding principles, but as most know, Democrats despise the Constitution; therefore, they can't win elections the old-fashioned lawfully prescribed way by abiding by the 15th, the 19th, the 24th, and The 26th Amendments to The United States Constitution that affords only United States citizens the Right to vote, as their progressively regressive Socialist policies suck, are detrimental, and wholly antithetical to our capitalistic free market economy where small government governs at the behest and by the consent of the governed in accordance with the Declaration of Independence in that "governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

Absolute Power motivates Democrat leaders to get up in the morning; it drives and feeds their passionately despotic souls and subversive agenda. They are not roused by some sort of altruistic, philanthropic desire to help humanity; in fact, they don't care who gets hurt by their unconstitutional policies and "Open-Border" operation because most of them are self-serving, opportunistic narcissists.

Biden and Democrats may "claim" they are enforcing the law against criminal illegal aliens, but they are not; their "Open Border" lawlessness begets illegal alien lawlessness, and the homeland has never been more vulnerable than it is right now because of it... because Democrats want and need a massive influx of illegal aliens to win elections in order to keep a firm grip on the levers of Power. Their only concern is defusing the political blowback that has resulted from Joe Biden's "Open Border" operation.

"The abolition of America's borders is Joe Biden's policy. The mass-migration of millions of illegal aliens into the United States is Joe Biden's plan. This is Joe Biden's invasion." —President Donald J. Trump.

Make no mistake; the Southern Border invasion is all about an electoral power grab, nothing more and nothing less! —Do not let them prevail. VOTE for President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, November 5th, 2024. to save America. 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

Linda Genzel, Editor


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