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Biden Lies to the Nation Over Food Shortages

While addressing the nation on his many accomplishments during his first year as President of the United States, Biden said, "I often see empty shelves being shown on television. Eighty-nine percent are full, which is only a few points below what it was before the pandemic.

We have proof from all around the country that this is a blatantly inaccurate statement. Taken in Kroger in Covington Georgia by Linda Genzel.

There are several more images from her store in Kroger. Another area affected by extreme food shortages is in Maricopa Arizona. A store named Bashas. Photos were taken by Michael Scott.

The heartland of Missouri is also suffering from this administration's supply chain. Photos of food shortages at the local Walmart were taken from Phil M. a local resident.

Three different areas of the country. Three separate grocery stores. And a ridiculous claim that 89% are full. Is the White House detached from the everyday struggles Americans are having feeding their families?

We report, you decide. The photos speak for themselves.

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