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Blacklisting & Whitewashing! The Democrats MO.

There is nothing more nauseating than listening to a bunch of self-righteous Liberals, particularly of the White persuasion who happen to be significantly more arrogant than they are informed, styling themselves as so-called journalists and defenders of racial justice, parading about and pretending to care about minorities whilst pontificating on high about tolerance and inclusion and all that kumbaya crap that they disingenuously regurgitate every overbearing moment that they are awake, but then in the same breath, in an astonishing display of theatrical hypocrisy and bigotry, turn around and tell Black people what their role in American politics is, what Party they belong to and in, and who they can and “must” vote for, whilst, from the other side of their breathlessly insufferable traps, maligning and BLACKLISTING Black folks who dare to do otherwise, just as Joe Biden did when his face twisted into a scowl as he hurled out his racist, insult to injury trope, “If you don’t vote for Biden, then you ain’t black.”

The regrettable or moreover reprehensible fact of the matter is, if Black Americans refuse to march in lockstep with the Left, if they dare to step outside of the Democrat plantation and think for themselves, if they have the gall to rebuff the idea of Critical Race Theory that is now sadly endemic throughout every university in the country, or if they shun the all-too-pervasive DEI agenda that encourages racial division, (not to mention, giving rise to and cover for the antisemitic fervor that has intensified across the country), if Black Americans dare to do all of the above, if they dare to reject the notion that they are somehow perpetually oppressed victims of the White man’s wrath, and simply view or identify as “Americans,” or worse still, as Republicans and Conservatives who believe in our Founding Constitutional Principles and values, who believe in the American Dream and in American Exceptionalism and that “all men are created equal,” they then become “Uncle Tom’s,” and avowed enemies and targets of the Democrat Progressive’s ire, and as insulting as that trope is, unfortunately, stereotyping people, as Republicans and Conservatives well know, is an all-time favorite pastime and tactic of the left; they demonize anyone and everyone who disagrees with them.

As such, it goes without saying, as far as Democrats are concerned, that Republicans can do no right, particularly as it pertains to Black, not to mention MAGA Conservatives, in addition to, of course, you know, the Left’s arch enemy, Biden’s nemesis, and the Chief DC Deep State Establishment Swamp Drainer, the People’s President, a true Patriot and Freedom fighter, President Donald J. Trump

The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter what Conservatives do or say, or what color their skin is, or whether they belong to a minority or marginalized group, even if or when the record reflects that Democrats might, in fact, actually concur or align in some part or measure with Republicans on specific socioeconomic issues; if it is not politically expedient or beneficial to the Democrat Party and their power structure, the Left will, without batting an eyelid or breaking a sweat, twist, warp, distort, and contort whatever the given or particular issue may be, into something it absolutely is not. They will consciously carve out or concoct an alternate position contrary to and despite and in spite of what the actual record shows because they can’t ever be seen to agree or side with Republicans on anything in any shape, form, or fashion. 

Take, for example, Rep. Byron Donalds, a Black Congressional Republican from the State of Florida who not only so happens to be married to a White woman but who was also elected to office in a district that is 70% predominantly White; he has become the latest target of the Democrats wrath because he is on President Trump’s Vice Presidential shortlist… Whoa, hello, Black and MAGA, a lethal combo; it doesn’t get any more scandalous than that.

So naturally, as expected in the world of progressive partisan politics, owing to the fact and the moment that it was publicly announced that Congressman Byron Donalds was a potential Trump running mate, the Left has not only slandered, smeared, and vilified him, referring to him as “skinfolk who is not kinfolk,” and a token of the White man, but they have also falsely accused him of trying to “WHITEWASH” history, more specifically, the Jim Crow era, and why? Well, because he not only dared to speak the truth, to point out the undeniable incontrovertible fact that even during the darkest days of Jim Crow, the Black family was held together, that it was a cohesive unit, but also because he refused to play along with the Democrats alternate version of history and perpetuate the ludicrous notion, the LIE that Democrats were the Blackman’s savior during the Civil Rights era when in point of fact, they were anything and everything but saviors, least of which was the Blackman’s savior. Moreover, they were the “oppressors” that they revile and lambast today; they were the Machiavellian impetus, the insidious force and cause of all Racial Terrorism, Discrimination, Segregation, Division, and Tension across the country. 

And so you see, as a predictable and direct consequence of Byron Donalds frankness and historical honesty, he is now, as I discussed earlier, what the Democrats call an “Uncle Tom.”

However, that said, the truth of the matter is that from America’s inception, it was and always has been the Democrat Party that opposed the Republican Party’s Egalitarian Social Justice efforts, and if I’m not mistaken, and I am not, after the Civil War, it was also in point of fact Republicans who elected 23 African Americans to Congress, 13 of whom were former slaves. —You see, Republicans had been electing and seating black delegates since the 1860s, whilst on the other hand, it took Democrats over half a century, almost 70 more years, not until the 1930s, to elect and seat their first Black American to Congress, but of course, that’s another on-the-down-low historical fact that Democrats have whitewashed! 

The fact of the matter is, throughout the storied history of our great Nation, incontrovertible documented evidence, whether that be historical and Congressional records, books, legislation, treaties with Indian tribes, Constitutional Amendments, Articles, Clauses, and/or Proclamations, not only reflect but prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the legacy of Emancipation, of Voting Rights, of Civil Rights, and of “Freedom, Liberty, Justice, and Equality” for all Americans belongs solely to the Freedom Fighters who were then and are now the Republican Party; those feats were and are evermore their hard-fought accomplishments and not for Democrats, the Party of Segregation to whitewash and co-opt as their accomplishments. 

So you see, despite the Democrats' self-avowed claims of being the custodians of “Freedom and Equality” for all, the fact is and will always remain that it was the Republican Party who, under Abraham Lincoln’s leadership, led the states through the Civil War in the fight to, among other things, free enslaved people through the Emancipation Proclamation, whereas, it was the Democrats who, under the Kansas-Nebraska Act, sought to permit and expand Slavery into new U.S. territories. It was also Democrats, under John J. Crittenden and The Crittenden Compromise, who fought to extend Slavery in the U.S. Constitution. It was also Republicans who, against fierce opposition from Democrats, fought for and passed the 19th Amendment, giving women the Right to vote. 

Yes, that’s right, it was Republicans who gave women the Right to vote, not Democrats, but most Leftists wouldn’t know that because the Left-wing, historically illiterate, whitewashed truth of the matter is that when most Democrats look at our two-party system of governance, they are, for the most part, of the subjective opinion, or moreover under the mistaken, misguided, misinformed, mal-informed, and/or delusional belief and notion that the Democrat Party is the Party of the Suffragettes, and why? Well, because the Democrat Party, aided by their talking heads in the mainstream media, have been and continue to work overtime in order to convince their viewers, followers, and constituents not to believe what their lying eyes, ears, and history books tell them because, obviously, manipulating the truth and the masses on behalf of the Democrat Party is not only an unspoken job expectation but also a job requirement for today's so-called journalists and reporters who, ostensively, spend most of their waking hours and days colluding with Left-wing politicians, surreptitiously crafting and creating narratives and stories out of thin air, and then presenting and propagating them as fact and/or "breaking news," even though they reek with the rotten stench of "opposition research."

Seriously, what do you want to bet that if you asked a Democrat if they knew that Susan B. Anthony was, in fact, a Republican, that their answer would be a resounding NO? 

The absolute truth is, if you were a woman or Black before you could vote, you were a Republican because it was Republicans who not only fought for but passed legislation and ratified Constitutional Amendments giving women and Black folks the Right to Vote, not Democrats. So, you see, when Democrats point their gnarly little fingers through some morally righteous, pseudo-intellectual judgmental chasm with which they percolate and propagate their lies and hatred towards Republicans whilst accusing them of whitewashing history, they may first want to take a long hard look in the mirror before they libel others for that which they are GUILTY OF.

The bottom line is Congressman Byron Donalds was not whitewashing or advocating for Jim Crow Laws as the Democrats, in their warped minds —and with their dubiously racially charged past in tow— would have you believe. He was, as I already mentioned, merely stating the historical fact that even in our darkest days of Jim Crow, the Black nuclear family was a cohesive unit, which unfortunately was, —due in full measure to the Democrat Party’s commitment to shattering the lives of Black Americans in their ever-growing quest for Absolute Power— ultimately broken down by our Federal Government’s Left-wing Socialist policies, more specifically by and under the policies of Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat President, obviously. 

Of course, the Comms Department of the DNC, you know, the televised bastion of Left-wing sycophants, ass-kissers, and pseudo-intellectuals but really, by any other name, window lickers masquerading as Historians and Journalists, have, no surprise, refused to air the entire untouched unedited reel of what Congressman Byron Donalds actually said because they don’t have the truth on their side; if they did, they would, in the interest of transparency and truth, keep the cameras rolling but they don’t and they won't because they do not want people looking, listening, and learning. So they lie and put a filter between them and their viewers in order to prevent their Listeners from exercising their brains, forming opinions, and making informed decisions, and why? Well, silly, don’t ya know, they have a narrative to craft, an agenda to push, and history to “WHITEWASH” to hide the Democrats' insidious starring role in Slavery, the Jim Crow era, the Ku Klux Klan, and Racial Terrorism on behalf of the Stalinist Dictator-in-Chief Joe the “Big-Guy” Biden and his regime of merry little Beria henchmen in the Democrat Party. 

And so, with that said, let’s delve into and talk about exactly who it is that is, in point of fact, actually WHITEWASHING history, shall we…  

As most Constitutional Conservatives know, it was Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, a proto-totalitarian and Klan supporter who not only began the process of segregating federal employees but who was also known as not only the father of America’s all-encompassing “Administrative State” but who also believed that God had mandated and put him on this earth and into the Oval Office to carry out and accomplish certain things regardless of the manner and means employed to achieve those ends and at whatever cost and so, you see, by supporting and promoting the Ku Klux Klan and overseeing Segregation of the federal workforce, Democrat President Woodrow Wilson helped erase gains that Black Americans had made since Reconstruction under Republicans… and whilst most Republicans are aware to some degree or another of the aforementioned, the majority of Democrats in all whitewashed form, fashion, and probability, likely don’t even have the foggiest who Woodrow Wilson is, much less that he was a United States President, a Democrat, and a Progressive one at that who was infamous for his unflappable contempt for “We the People,” you know, ignorant weak savages whom he believed needed Government, more specifically needed him to survive, to ensure that their lives were not futile, empty, and pointless…

Furthermore, It was also the same Democrat Party of Woodrow Wilson under President Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States, who was responsible for the Indian Removal Act that forced 60,000 Native Americans westward, which led to 4,000 deaths along the way on what is known as the Trail of Tears. It was that same Democrat Party and their Klansmen who were responsible for Racial Terrorism after the Civil War, for Segregation, and, in point of fact, those very Jim Crow laws that we are currently talking about, you know, the ones that Democrats enacted but have now whitewashed and saddled Republicans with. 

Indeed, if we go all the way back as far as Democrat Presidents Andrew Jackass Jackson and Andrew Johnson, our history and Congressional records show that anti-abolitionist and segregationist sentiments, tendencies, behaviors, and beliefs didn’t happen under Republican Presidents and leadership; they ALL happened under Democrat Presidents. —Internment camps did not happen under a Republican President; they happened under Democrat Presidents. The Democrats 1924 Ku Klux Klanbake Convention was not held under Republican leadership; it was held under Democrat leadership. Republicans did not filibuster Civil Rights legislation; no, that was ALL Democrats! — the fact of the matter is, if the majority of Americans knew the true history of the Democrat Party, they would never never NEVER support or vote for a Democrat again. 

And if Biden were held to account by the media and called out for his lies, the majority of the Democrat electorate, or at least those with semi-functioning brains, an IQ larger than their shoe size, and a conscience, wouldn’t support him but of course, the Left-wing media and the Establishment Democrat Party are, what’s that word, oh that’s right, “WHITEWASHING” Joe Biden’s despicable behavior against this Nation and the American people. 

Of course, we all know the excuse that Democrats have and are using to explain away their own crimes, their racist history, is that the Parties “switched sides.” Well, I’d like to know precisely when that supposedly happened. I would like to know those pivotal points in history when the Parties supposedly switched sides because the fact of the matter is, was, and remains that they did not switch sides; the Republican Party was then as it is now, still the Party of Lincoln; our Constitutional Beliefs, Principles, and Values are the same now as they were then; they have not nor have they ever changed or wavered. 

So the next time some Leftist states that the Republican Party is not the Party of Lincoln anymore, ask them;

1– Exactly WHEN did it stop being the Party of Lincoln? Dare them to answer that question with specifics. -My educated guess is that they will not be able to answer.

and then ask them;

2– Exactly WHY they joined the Democrat Party, you know, the Party of Segregation, the KKK, Racial Terrorism, literacy tests, and poll taxes designed to intimidate and suppress the Black Vote.


3– At WHAT stage of the Democrat Party’s terrible, awful, racially charged past did they decide to join it? 

Of course, their answer, or rather EXCUSE, will be one of deflection and something along the lines of, “It’s a new Democratic Party.” Sure it is... NOT!

However, that still doesn’t answer or explain WHY or at WHAT stage they joined the Democrat Party or WHEN the Parties supposedly switched sides… of course, the obvious reason being, they don’t have or know the answer or answers to the aforementioned questions because the notion that the Parties switched sides is not grounded in reality or based on historical fact, records, or documentation of any kind; it is fiction that is solely based on the Democrat Party's LIES, propaganda, and Machiavellian scheming to WHITEWASH history… 

In truth, the likely or rather main reason many Democrats joined the Party of Segregation is purely selfish… because, let's face it, it offered them FREEBIES, it offered and provided them with a Socialist-style economy. I mean, hey, who wants to work when they can get everything handed to them off the backs of hardworking tax-paying Republicans, and so instead of being honest, telling the truth, and you know, copping to the real motive behind their choices, they deflect, project, and blame Republicans for doing and being that which the Democrats are guilty of, which is WHITEWASHING history to hide their sins!

Vote Donald J. Trump Tuesday, November 5th, 2024

Linda Genzel Editor @Wecu News


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