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Blockbuster Report - How the CCP Uses State Governors to Infiltrate the USA

Chinese think tank wrote a paper on how to economically subvert US governors with weak local GDP in order to influence US policy. The paper entitled, [Blockbuster Report] A Panoramic View of U.S. Attitudes towards China-Governor's Article.

In this article, they break down the United States into regions, governors, and their views on the Chinese Communist Party. They rank which Governors are friendly towards China, and which governors are tough on China.

It is important to note that China has no respect for the policies of Washington, and have plans to subvert federal law by going to states government, specifically the state governors.

From the report, "Since 2017, China-US relations have undergone major changes. In terms of strategic positioning, the U.S. National Security Strategy Report Other authoritative documents clearly define China as a major "strategic opponent" and "competitor." In actual policies, especially since Trump came to power, the United States has exerted full pressure on China in the fields of economy, trade, science, and technology. And actively seek to decouple from China in the fields of economy, humanities, and education. It can be said that Sino-US relations have undergone a qualitative change. In Washington, voices advocating tough on China seem to have become mainstream. And there is growing momentum. In the face of this reality, in addition to being prepared, we need to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the United States. During this special period of drastic changes, misjudgments were prevented and the relations between the two countries continued to deteriorate. In American politics, in addition to the White House and Congress, there is another type of decisive actors—the governors of the 50 states in the United States. Due to the federal system in the United States, the governor can ignore the White House’s orders, and the state implements a unitary system for its own local governments. State governments can change or even cancel local governments such as cities, counties, and school districts."

In their article on page 4, they specifically state that our 10th Amendment to the constitution gives them leeway into negotiations because "there is no subordinate relationship between the President and the governor of the United States. The Constitution prohibits the President from interfering in the affairs of the governors of the states."

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