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Brookings Institute is a Left Wing Think Tank

Dr. Fiona Hill, who testified at today's hearings for the state department, said, “I refuse to be part of an effort to legitimize an alternative narrative that the Ukrainian government is a U.S. adversary and that Ukraine — not Russia — attacked us in 2016." Despite factual documents provided by John Solomon of the Hill proving that Ukraine had indeed meddled in the United States election.

Who exactly is this Fiona Hill? Fiona Hill was an employee of the Brookings Institute. A Left-Wing think tank. Sponsored heavily by George Soros through his Open Society Organization.

In an op-ed by this Fiona Hill, she Penned Washington Post Op-ed Against Giving Ukraine Weapons in 2015, however her testimony before Congress today, was significantly different than her op-ed.

The Open Society Policy Center (OSPC) is a non-partisan and non-profit 501(c)(4) organization that engages in advocacy aimed at influencing U.S. government policy on domestic and international issues, including civil rights and liberties, criminal justice reform, immigration, multilateralism, development assistance, health policy and promotion of human rights, transparency and accountability.

The Brookings Institute has placed a former employee into the State Department of the United States to further their agenda. What makes this an oddity, is that the American taxpayer is funding the bill for the Brookings Institute.

From Forbes: " We found examples of public funding suggesting that Brookings is less of a think tank and more of a public affairs shop for establishment-left donors and allied government officials:

To sum up, the Brookings Institute which is funded in part from George Soros collects money from the United States government. As Forbes reported, the Federal Government transferred money to Brookings Institute "reaped $1.7 million from Health and Human Services (HHS) mostly for “training seminars.” Every dollar paid to Brookings was a dollar not available to provide better care for vulnerable patients." Also, "The Food and Drug Administration paid $4.6 million in grant funding to Brookings. Its primary role? Official convener of active medical product surveillance discussions." Then takes the money provided by the US government to institute policies from the government.

This is relatively circular logic since the United States Government is funded by American taxpayers. And since Brookings Institute, has members on leave from their left-wing organization putting people to work in the state department, could it explain the democrat's vitriol regarding a president who has a vision of an America first policy?

This begs a lot of questions, first, could the democrats in Washington be supporting the Russian narrative only to significantly change their position once they potentially regain control of the Senate and Presidency? Why would Hill change her mind only to testify in an impeachment hearing about an alleged quid pro quo? Also, why are the democrats so bent upon impeaching a President over a phone call?

Perhaps the phone records and all e-mails of the representatives supporting impeachment going back to 2015 need to be looked at to find out exactly where this fiasco started. Something is wrong in Washington and we are paying for it.

For a complete list of Soros funded organizations, click here.

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