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Buy an Electric Vehicle Unless you Can't Afford the Electric Charges

Kathy Hochul governor of NY vowed in April of this year to make the transition from gas and diesel-powered busses to zero-emission electric-powered vehicles. With her priority on equity, Hochul vowed to put these busses in historically underserved communities in all five boroughs.

Not so fast Governor Kathy. As the New York Post writes, "the existing 15 electric buses currently costs two to three times diesel or natural gas." It appears that the cost of converting 5,800 existing busses into electric and having them function is not in the realm of possibilities, due to the cost of increasing electricity.

An increase in the cost to charge these vehicles would result in reduced coverage as well as increased fees to the people using these vehicles, an unintended consequence of not properly budgeting out how to offset the cost of gasoline and diesel, by purchasing electric, without an infrastructure to support that plan.

Even given a large discount on the cost to supply energy to the fleet of busses was given there is an unlikelihood that the state could afford to convert their bus lines much less serve the "historically underserved."

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