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California is no Longer the Land of Milk and Honey

Americans used to refer to California as the "Land of Milk and Honey," taken from the Book of Exodus, the Bible describes a "land of milk and honey" as a "good and spacious land. Meaning a land where opportunity and prosperity are abundant. With its beautiful mountains and scenic coastline, California was the treasure of the West Coast. However, in recent years, this amazing land has been plagued by corrupt politicians and a population of people whose acceptance of moral degradation is ruining the state.

Amidst the bizarre challenges faced by California, app developer Sean Miller created SnapCrap, an innovative solution enabling users to photograph and report instances of public feces, aiding pedestrians in avoiding heavily affected areas. However, the state's woes extend beyond this peculiar issue. California is witnessing a mass exodus of residents, as evidenced by the departure of prominent companies like Tesla, Pabst Brewing Company, and Hewlett Packard to Texas. This trend underscores deeper systemic issues plaguing the once-vibrant Golden State, prompting reflection on the factors driving its decline.

California is the most populous state in the nation host to 39 million residents. Reported in 2023, there was a net loss of 342,000 fleeing the state due to the extremely high cost of real-estate, rent, and taxes. A quick check of Google AI alerted us that the population was being refreshed. Yahoo finance answered the AI question of who was populating the state. "California has the highest number of illegal immigrants. According to our estimates, more than 3 million illegal immigrants live in California. They have a considerable impact on California’s labor market, as they make up one in ten workers in California."

What is being done to address the issue of mass exodus of California? Politicians running the state apparently have not noticed that illegal immigrants are replacing their job market. In fact very few have addressed this issue. Governor Gavin Newsom is far more interested in his love of abortion issues than he is about the influx of crime and illegal aliens entering his state. He even quoted scripture to advance his pro abortion agenda. His Twitter account is innundated with insults steered at conservatives who believe in the sanctity of life. While Newsom is the governor of California, his last Twitter post regarding California was about how 20 years ago California allowed same sex marraige.

Candidates running for the California Senate seat were more interested in Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, and the possibility of him becoming the next President of the United States. And frontrunner Democrat candidate and fiction writer Adam Schiff is obsessed with the former President. Instead of discussing how Schiff intends to solve the crime, homeless crisis, high taxes and rent, Schiff chooses to engage in a tirade about Trump. This is even after the House of Representatives voted to censure him over his grandiose lies.

None of the democrat politicians are even coming close to addressing the crisis at the border as though illegal immigration into their state is the equivalent to using a latrine. Not the latrine on the streets though. While 10% of the working population is comprised of illegal immigrants, who would want to vote out the ruling party. Despite the conditions Californians are living under.

What will it take for Californians to realize those that support are ruining their state, from crime to the ability to feed their families? Will Californians see thru the smoke screen that has been placed in front of their eyes. Is it really more important to be be inclusive than to have a place for your family to rest their heads. Or are Californians simply complacent with their ever dwindling discretionary income, and higher crime rates as a trade for what they consider an an experiment in DEI?

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