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Cardin Hasn’t Got A Constitutional Clue!

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

For all the Democrats' hyperbolic bloviating about respecting the Constitution, it appears that leftists have, yet again, demonstrated that it’s actually them who don’t respect, let alone understand the United States Constitution or care about our 1st Amendment right to speak, to discuss, to debate, to dissent, or to stay silent in the free and open society that is The United States Of America.

On Wednesday, December 28th, U.S. Democrat Senator Ben Cardin attacked the 1st Amendment during a Senate hearing. He said, “If you espouse hate, if you espouse violence, you're not protected under the First Amendment.” He went on to say, “I think we can be more aggressive in the way that we handle that type of use of the internet. We know that Europe has done things; I think we have to learn things from each other. I hope we can figure out the strategy that we need everybody united on it."

One can only conclude after listening to Cardin's diatribe of utter contrived BS that he has never read the Bill Of Rights to the Constitution, a document that he raised his right hand to and duly swore to support, defend, and protect, and not just as a ceremonial symbolic statement of personal integrity but as a binding promise to the American people to uphold and remain steadfast and loyal to his oath of office in reverence to the Constitution and to the people for whom he was elected to serve for the past 35 years.

Hate speech, however terrible it may be, however uncomfortable or bad it may make you feel, is still, without question, protected under the Constitution. Furthermore, deliberate or otherwise, it is also wholly and unequivocally illegal for government officials from any branch of government or agency thereof to conspire with private entities or industries, like Twitter & Facebook, to stymie or outright censor and silence our 1st Amendment Constitutional Right to freedom of expression, no matter how dubious, utterly idiotic, or hateful the speech may be; in America, in what is supposed to be a free society, the way to counter misinformation is not through governmental censorship, it is through more speech.

In 2019, the Supreme Court, in a 6-3 decision, agreed with the Pacific Legal Foundation brief that “government officials shouldn’t be allowed to determine whether speech is immoral or scandalous.”

Justice Samuel Alito wrote in his concurring opinion that “Viewpoint discrimination is poison to a free society, and laws that allow for government bureaucrats to restrict disfavored viewpoints can easily be exploited for illegitimate ends.” — But I guess the numerous Supreme Court Rulings upholding the 1st Amendment don’t seem to matter all that much to Cardin and other anti-Constitutional Democrat politicians, left-wing activist Judges, and/or blue-state (district and/or city) prosecutors, along with a large number of governmental interagency left-wing bureaucrats, such as Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray for example, or James Comey for that matter. And why? Well, because the rules never seem to apply to them! You know, the old adage, “rules for thee, not for me" double standards principle; for example, if you dare to question the legitimacy of the 2020 election, you’re an election denier and an insurrectionist, but if you contest the legitimacy of the 2016 election, you’re a patriot.

During last Wednesday's Senate hearing — in the context of "content moderation" (or let’s be honest here, shall we, and not beat around the semantics mulberry bush, but rather call it what it is, the Marxist Censorship of freedom of expression/speech, of discussion, of debate, and/or of dissent on social media), Senator Ben Cardin iterated that it was about protecting people against "hate speech." -What are we two? If I could roll my eyes any further back, they would get stuck at the back of my head; you see, the problem with that is, 1) we aren't two; we are adults, grow up and act like it; 2) we don't need a bunch of nanny state Machiavellian virtue signalers protecting our feelings, and 3) Cardin and most of his Democrat-Despot colleagues believe that anything anyone utters that conflicts with the lefts system of ideological utopian political beliefs and/or points of view on almost anything and everything, is hate speech, and so, therefore, should and must be regulated or preferably banned altogether from social media and the internet. Of course, they try to mask their all too obvious eagerness for public censorship as, “we are just trying to protect people” from the dangers and cruelty of big bad mean words, which, of course, is a diabolical blatant lie; they don't give two figs about anyone's feelings, especially when most of them are narcissists devoid of actual feelings themselves. In truth, what they are really trying to do is control the populace.

We are all astutely aware of the fact, whether some on the left care or are honest enough to admit it or not, that Democrats are quite capable of spitting out and hurling their own venomous, vulgar, and vile diatribe of hate when it suits, encouraging violent and oftentimes deadly riots as we all witnessed during the 574 some odd egregious democrat incited riots throughout what was coined “The Summer Of Love” in 2020. And thanks to Elon Musk, we now know with absolute certainty that Democrats are also positively downright fine with using private industries, like Twitter and Facebook, as their proxies to illegally subvert the Constitution and our 1st Amendment rights in order to bring themselves one step closer to realizing their, often alluded to, dream of a Global "One World Order" form of governance. You see, if Wednesday's Senate Hearing were purely and genuinely about moderating hate speech in order to protect the public from mean words, then they wouldn’t be throwing apoplectic tantrums over permitting open public debate, discourse, and dissent on the topics of Covid-19, CRT, or gender dysphoria & gender transition surgery for minors as young as 3-years-old; they also wouldn’t be upset that Elon Musk publicly exposed the upper echelons of the FBI, among other government agencies for interfering in elections and also as, not much more than, slimy political tentacles of the Democrat Party.

The United States Constitution was not framed or intended to be used as a biased or emotionally subjective document, and nor was it supposed to be used as a one-sided document, partial to factions of our society either, as in "us versus them" or Republicans versus Democrats; it was and is supposed to apply to everyone equally without prejudice! No one person, political party, or politician can unilaterally determine what is or isn’t hate speech based on their feelings or ideological beliefs. You can condemn hate speech; you can even hate "hate speech," and you can say it’s not nice and that it’s upsetting, but you can not ban it because it is, like all other forms of speech, protected under the 1st Amendment! However, that said, Senator Ben Cardin and his Democrat Congressional Senatorial colleagues still attempted to manipulate the meaning of freedom of speech and what type of speech was or is protected and/or permitted under the 1st Amendment; it was a blatant attempt to weaponize our rights against us, in so far as that he and other Democrats would then get to determine what is or isn’t deemed to be hate speech and therefore what is or isn’t permitted, thereby literally scaring the unwitting or Constitutionally uninformed if you're being polite or illiterate if you're being honest, into silence, submission, and compliance for fear of violating the law; but it’s a lie, a tyrannical ploy, a sleight to gain control over the masses and to stomp out any dissenting points of view. All speech is protected under the 1st Amendment, which includes hate speech. In America, we are allowed to love or hate whomever or whatever we so choose, and we are allowed to express those feelings and our thoughts or remain silent; it’s our individual choice and our unalienable Constitutional Right given to us by God and enshrined in the Bill of Rights; it’s our choice alone to make, and not within Ben Cardin’s or any other career politician or bureaucrats power or authority, now or ever, to make for us. -It is absolutely absolute.

Government officials, whether elected or appointed, particularly Democrat politicians like Senator Ben Cardin, don’t get to manipulate and unconstitutionally amend and subvert the Constitution! Democrat politicians, activist left-wing Judges & prosecutors, and agency bureaucrats do not and will never have the Constitutional authority to dictate what is or isn’t considered hate speech or whether or not it’s permitted under the Constitution; we do, and it is permitted.

Senator Ben Cardin is either deliberately lying to his constituents and the American populace as a whole, or he is categorically Constitutionally inept; either way, it’s not congruent with the standards and principles expected from a sitting United States Senator.

Linda Genzel, Editor Wecu News.


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Jan 01, 2023

Hey! How long have you been writing?

Linda Genzel
Linda Genzel
Jan 01, 2023
Replying to

That would be between you & Lynn! It’s not for me to say. The decision would be up to her, but you should definitely reach out to her about it!!

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