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China Helps Russia in Sanctions War

China is helping Russia to avoid the "crippling sanctions" the US has placed on Russia due to their invasion of Ukraine.

By lifting wheat import restrictions China has tossed an economic lifeline to Russia. This is in spite of the sanctions the West has placed on Russian businesses, banks, and the political elite in Russia.

According to the Daily Mail, "President Xi Jinping has backed keeping China fully open to wheat imports from Russia in spite of sweeping sanctions imposed by the West in a bid to stop Putin's war in Ukraine."

Russia is the world's largest "wheat" exporter accounting for more than 18% of international exports. This will help Russia withstand the economic sanctions the West has put upon the country.

Experts have speculated that China will also increase its imports of oil and natural gas from the country. Further aiding them in their advancement of Ukraine.

While meeting in China for the Olympics, President Putin and President Xi Jinping issued a statement at the time which declared the 'friendship between the two States has no limits'.

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