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Chinese Spy Balloon

Opinion by Linda Genzel

The compromised coward in the Oval Office shot down the Chinese Spy Balloon this afternoon, approximately a week after it first infiltrated American Sovereign Airspace, days before the nation was even notified about it.

The damage is done, and the CCP’s mission is accomplished because the Chinese Spy Balloon was permitted to loiter around up there, crisscrossing the entire continental United States for days on end, surveilling, gathering, and delivering information to Beijing in real time!

What does this tell our allies? Moreover, what does this tell our adversaries? There needs to be a response to this egregious violation of American Sovereignty, not just in kind, but rather a significant, impactful response, because there are massive geopolitical implications here!

Make no mistake here, America lost to China here because President Xi not only now knows that the CCP can waltz right on in, breach our Sovereign Airspace, steal our military intel information, and even possibly fly in balloons capable of carrying, G-d forbid, nuclear, chemical, and bioweapons to unload on us, and not expect any real response, at least not from this President, that is, because Joe Biden is nothing more than a pathetic mouthpiece without a backbone!

If the Biden Administration were genuinely concerned about the “safety of Americans on the ground” while weighing whether or not to down this balloon, they would never have even permitted it to enter, let alone come within miles of our airspace, to begin with!

What or where the hell was NORAD, out to lunch? It’s their job to ensure that our adversaries can’t do things like this.

It’s a lie to say that they had to wait until it was over water to take it down because, according to General Jack Keane and General Kellogg, in their rather lofty military careers and experience, there is a minimal debris field when shooting down balloons, ergo this balloon could have been taken down last week when it first entered American Airspace over Alaskas scarcely populated mostly uninhabited territory, or over Montana’s vast open empty prairies.

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