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Cleaning up Baltimore

Americans spend too much time focusing on the negative. Not helping the situation, is the Mass Media Industrial Complex that continues its effort to put cash and clicks into their pocket by dividing Americans on political principles, labeling people based on politics not principles. There emerges one man who with absolute conviction about right vs. wrong. A man demonstrating such bravery to stand alone confronting issues of race and the democratic party, and their hypocrisy towards members of one community. Mr. Scott Presler. He's breaking down the stereotypes of how conservatives are viewed be a left leaning media. Proving conservatives care about not only the environment, but the plight of others as well...

In addition to his campaign to register voters, holding seminars and classes on how to register voters, and numerous speaking engagements, Scott has undertaken the goal of cleaning up Baltimore. What started out for him as a solo mission just to stand on a corner in the city picking up trash has blossomed into a full out effort to help clean up the city. From his website, "What started as something small has turned into volunteers across the nation wanting to help give back. We aren’t just posting on social media; we are going into the community to make a difference."

People would call Scott a doer. He doesn't sit and complain about an issue, instead he tackles it head on. " “I just want the citizens of Baltimore to see [that] we do care. We do give a darn. And at the end of the day, we’re all American and if ya’ll are struggling in Baltimore and you guys need help, then we’re going to be there for you,” he said. as reported by Sean Hannity.

By focusing on the positive and the possible, Scott has amassed quite a following on both Twitter and Facebook, as well as other social media sites. He has appeared on OANN, and several articles have been written about his efforts. The once dog-walker has become nothing short of an activist phenom.

His clean up Baltimore campaign has gained a ton of volunteers as he told Breibart, "I’ve received so many volunteer requests, I haven’t even had time to message everyone back," "We have people coming from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as local Baltimore residents." 

Want to get involved? Want to help clean up one of America's most trashed cities... Join Scott and his team to Clean up Baltimore. August 5 is the date...

Scott can be reached on social media Facebook, Twitter or on his website at:

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Kyla C
Kyla C
Aug 01, 2022

Hi nicce reading your post


Aug 03, 2019

A nice follow up to your first article about Mr. Presler. It's so refreshing to here about an activist that walks the walk!

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