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Clinging to a Myth

~By Sharrill Lynn As mainstream media headlines continue reporting upticks in coronavirus cases, several sideliners continue to opinionate their readers. Searching coronavirus top headlines will find a smorgasbord of these articles. Headlines continue to populate news feeds regarding reopening of business establishments, recreational areas, houses of worship-correlating reopening to virus propagation, and rise of cases. Informative pieces designed to inform readers about asymptomatic carriers and whether they spread the virus. Opinion articles ridiculing everyone for wearing a mask and not wearing a mask to telling readers we are psychologically weak for not staying the course for hunkering in place. As states and cities reopen, businesses and workers attempt to return to work under guidelines set by their local and state governments-all under the auspice of “We’re All in This Together.” But are we? There has been so much contradictory information and advice that has been published. From the beginning, we have all heard the day to day variances in what should be done to ‘flatten the curve’ from Dr. Fauci and the World Health Organization. The pandemic model calculations that are now inaccurate. We have heard it all from the experts that have been entrusted with our lives, livelihoods, our nations, and our liberties. The largest contradiction has been a blatant slap in the face to our basic liberty-being free. America has watched as states have canceled local and regional events such as Memorial Day gatherings, farmer's markets, and festivals. Communities have been kept from participation in schools, religious services, funerals, and sports events to prevent spreading the virus. There is a discussion in many states consider preventing citizens from voting in person. Families are separated from loved ones in skilled nursing facilities, relegated to see them through glass doors or windows. Fathers not being able to witness the birth of their children. Families are not able to visit loved ones in a hospital with a life-threatening illness or injury. Parents of a child that is undergoing treatment can only have one parent with them. Patients at the end of life are limited to one visitor in some facilities and not at all in others? Families have not been able to travel or congregate for funerals of their loved ones. Individuals must have a COVID test prior to elective surgery but not dental work.

However, for the past two and a half weeks, America has watched and listened. Watched and listened to elected officials from Washington D.C. to local governments voice support and allow for protests regardless of COVID concern. This has allowed for thousands to participate in cross country protests, riots, vigils, memorials in Minnesota and North Carolina, and a funeral in Texas. Even the Twin Cities Pioneer Press called the memorial service in Minneapolis into question for violating coronavirus orders.

But we’re all in this together, right? Even Rawls's basic liberties and the first principle of justice wouldn’t agree.

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