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Conservatives are Domestic Terrorists

The Biden Administration believes so, in fact, the actions taken by this administration thru the Freedom of Information Act have demonstrated that not only the Biden Administration has given grants for a program that Trump put on hold called TVTP Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention grants. A total of 80 grants thus far totaling $80 million dollars.

Despite the Department of Homeland Security resisting producing any documents Media Research Center was able to procure several documents from the recipients of these grants.

Starting with one of the most radical recipients of this grant went to the University of Dayton in its program PREVENTS-OH. The lead paragraph on their website states:

The Preventing Radicalization to Extremist Violence through Education, Network-Building and Training in Southwest Ohio (PREVENTS-OH) project aims to develop a proactive, informed and resilient network of organizations, coalitions and civic entities aware and capable of collaborating to prevent domestic violent extremism in Southwest Ohio.
Funded by the Department of Homeland Security under the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention (TVTP) Grant Program, PREVENTS-OH recognizes that domestic violent extremism and hate movements pose a serious threat to the realization of human rights.

Prevents OH while using a chart derived from DHS, in a seminar compared several organizations to Nazi's. In one of their seminars, University of Cincinnati Research Fellow Michael Loadenthal, who is a known ANTIFA member, "explains in detail how to create dummy accounts on free speech social media platforms like Telegram, Gab, and Rumble in order to “destabilize” political movements. “A lot of things we’re doing are illegal,” he boasted in the lecture. “A lot of it involves breaking the law,” he continued. The video below.

Furthermore, DHS released a pyramidal diagram of who these radical domestic terrorists are. This pyramid was amongst the several diagrams shown at the seminar. It lists news organizations such as Breitbart, Prager U, and the Heritage Foundation as entities within the domestic terrorist operation.

To sum up, the Biden administration is giving grants to organizations that are openly engaged in limiting the speech of American citizens. By labeling Christian Organizations as domestic terrorist threats, and media outlets that seek to provide information about government overreach in the same institution as Neo-Nazis.

Fear not, as was indicated in the above video conference on extremism, DHS wants to rehabilitate the domestic terrorist groups that have not yet crossed the line into violent acts. As Michael Loadenthal has stated, creating dummy groups for the purpose of destabilizing conservative groups will accomplish this goal. Apparently, Free Speech is far too dangerous for this administration.

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