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Crisis at the Border

President Trump addressed the nation from the resolute desk in the Oval Office on Tuesday night on the issue of border security. " Tonight, I am speaking to you because there is a growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border."

President Trump campaigned on a wall at the southern border of the United States to separate Mexico and the United States.  Back on June 15, 2015 announcing his candidacy, he made the following claim.  "I will build a great wall ― and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me ―and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words." 

While Trump went on to say in his public address, "America proudly welcomes millions of lawful immigrants who enrich our society and contribute to our nation. But all Americans are hurt by uncontrolled, illegal migration. It strains public resources and drives down jobs and wages. Among those hardest hit are African Americans and Hispanic Americans." The democrats had harsh words with respect to his statement.  

Alan Rappeport from the New York Times, took offense to Trumps comment and thought that it needed clarification.  Rappeport wrote, "Some economists argue that immigrants drive down available jobs and wages for Americans only if they are competing for the same jobs as the domestic work force. In many cases, immigrants — legal or illegal — are seeking jobs that American citizens do not want to do.  To what jobs was Rappeport referring to, and where is his documentation regarding this claim.  

Of particular interest, is his statement, “Every day, Customs and Border Patrol agents encounter thousands of illegal immigrants trying to enter our country.” This statement in particular drew ire from Linda Qui from the New York Times, claiming that his statement was misleading.  Some have suggested that Qui's comment is nothing more than hyperbolic rage directed at the President.

In November, the agency, which is actually named Customs and Border Protection (and which oversees the Border Patrol), apprehended 51,856 people trying to cross the border illegally. That’s about 1,700 per day.  Qui mentioned that the presidents claim of thousands was misleading, however 1,700 is 700 more than one thousand.  Her statement is not only an attempt to sway the reader that the president is lying, but makes the case for political propaganda.  In fact, according to Customs and Border Protection there has been an increase of over 300% in family unit apprehensions.


A barrier would work.  Not technology, drones, or hidden cameras.  Once people cross into the United States, illegally, or legally, they are covered under our laws, specifically due process.  They can be a member of a terrorist organization, or a mom with her children in tow.  The fact that everyone that crosses into our border is covered.  

In an interview with Law and Crime, Mark Morgan, the Obama administration chief of the U.S. Border Patrol who was fired one day after President Donald Trump took office, went public on Tuesday with a message that may surprise the White House: he supports Mr. Trump and his efforts to get funding for a border wall.  Morgan went on to say, “I’m here today breaking my silence to tell the American people that the president is correct in what he’s doing,” despite being removed from the Trump administration.  

According to American Greatness " President Trump’s  $5.7 billion request is a trivial sum, amounting to a bit more than one-tenth of 1 percent of the federal budget. It’s far less than the amount we give to Latin American countries in handouts every year and it’s part of a sacred commitment government has to defend our border, uphold our laws, and protect our people."

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has called a wall Immoral, however her home has an incredible feature to it that any normal individual would refer to as a border wall.  Whether it is for decorative purposes, or just to keep her family safe and secure behind is yet to be determined.  

While democrats and their followers, have declared that there is a humanitarian crisis by the death of two children crossing the border, those children entered the country either sick or malnourished.  Dennis Michael Lynch stated in his podcast that there are more than 25 million people here living illegally.  His claim was made due to the fact that the census bureau uses government data.  Do illegals claim they are illegal when given a census survey?

The issue facing the border is more severe than the media would like you to believe.  Whether or not a border wall, fence or combination of both, many Americans want the added protection.  The country will find out more information today after President Trump visits the border.  

...... more to come

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