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Dear “Never Kevin” Republican constituents, the power of the Speakership

Dear “Never Kevin” Republican constituents, the power of the Speakership remains with Democrats until a new Speaker is confirmed! Did you know that? Have you ever read, in part or in full, The House Rules Manual? It sounds to me like many of you haven’t! - It’s public information and can be found and downloaded through a simple search, as can The United States Constitution & Declaration Of Independence! — If you genuinely care about reclaiming and restoring our Constitutional Republic to its former splendor & might, you will make a concerted effort to read The House Rules Manual, or at the very least, begin by reading the section that pertains to “The Speaker,” Rule 1. Clause 1 through 12. Pg 1. (+1 paragraph of page 2.)

One would think that at the commencement of a new Congress, all our elected Representatives would surely be on board and focused on their agenda, eager to get to work to fulfill their priorities and the promises they made to the American people on the campaign trail. But alas, it seems that we have found ourselves at an impasse, an intra-party standoff, due to a few kamikaze Republican detractors in our midst, who are masquerading around with inflated egos, holding the Republican agenda hostage, threatening to tank the Speakership over what appears to be about a selfish juvenile feud over personality rather than policy!

The Speaker of The House has much more power than the average person even realizes. We are not playing a simple game of checkers here or a metaphorical game of chess; this is real. Politics is a cutthroat game, and there will be palpable significant repercussions felt by every American if we permit this futile counterproductive charade to continue and derail the Republican agenda; people need to learn and understand the rules of government before they start beating their chests, and mouthing off about things they clearly don't fully comprehend; this is not a joke. Understand this, NOTHING gets done in the House without the Speaker's express authorization, absolutely nothing, and if we don’t elect a Speaker, Democrats win, yet again! No hearings, no investigations, no impeachments, no accountability, no nothing, not anything! After Legislation is introduced via the House Hopper Box, the House Speaker has the ultimate power and authority to simply ignore said legislation and refuse to assign it to a committee for consideration & debate; hence the Bill dies. How many of you knew or didn’t know that? Do you even know what the Hopper Box is? Furthermore, hearings and investigations can't and won't go forward without the Speakers approval, nor can subpoenas be issued either! Nothing gets done! Nothing gets accomplished! Fauci, & Myorkos skate, Merrik Garland gets to keep on being a politically motivated rogue prosecutor, and the Biden’s get away with their foreign racketeering business deals with oligarchs & dictators, and yes, Adam Schiff and fartacus Swalwell will remain on the Intelligence Committee.

If Representatives like Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, and company continue to pursue this scorched-earth take, no-prisoners approach with reckless abandon and disregard for the consequences, unwilling to negotiate a truce and iron out a deal, then Democrats win because that small faction of Republican defectors are publicly exposing our vulnerabilities to Democrats, making our party look weak & feckless, which in turn will only serve to bolster & benefit Democrats while hurting Republicans down the road when it comes to negotiating future legislation, etc., after all, Democrats are prolific liars, master manipulators, and backstabbing bastards; they perpetually make promises that they never intend to keep. For example, several months ago, Chuck Schumer promised to give Joe Manchin a pipeline that would have delivered natural gas from West Virginia to Southern Virginia in exchange for Manchin's vote to secure Bidens Tax Hike Climate Change Bill, but predictably so, Schumer turned around and did the dirt on Manchin once the Bill passed into law. You see, if Democrats can do that to one of their own, just imagine what they would be willing to do to us!

I hate to rag on my fellow Republicans because I believe we are stronger when we stick together, but I am incensed because some are behaving like a bunch of wholly uninformed selfish morons, pulling our Party apart, and playing right into the Democrat's hands! We lose again and again because of in-party fighting. How many times do we have to go through this before people learn? We lost the Senate in much the same way during the Midterm elections because the Republican Senate leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, refused to throw his support and mighty influential weight, whether financial or otherwise, behind several key Senate Republican candidates who had all already secured their Republican nominations for the General after winning their Midterm Primary elections; Mitch McConnell intentionally sabotaged our chances of taking the Senate because these Senate Republican candidates were Trump Republicans; he selfishly put himself before the country, the Republican constituency, and the Republican Party, and now, so too are Congressman Matt Gaetz, Congressman Andy Biggs and a handful of others.

For Republicans who want to see our agenda go forward, please help stop the nonsense by calling the DC offices of the ‘Never Kevins’ and demand they stop playing these petty games; it’s embarrassing, it is weakening the Party, and most of all, it is damaging our Republic.

It’s about policy, not personalities!

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I appreciate the 20 conservative Republicans looking out for the American people. I like what Chip Roy said yesterday that "the American people always get screwed by the swamp". McCarthy is the swamp and he needs to step down and give us a conservative not another RINO! I suggest Trump, Gaetz. Jordan, or Scalise. Ty.

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