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Democrat Party - an Existential Threat to America

~Opinion by Lynn Matthews

There is no greater existential threat to America than that of the Democrat Party.  While some may disagree with America on the world stage as a power house, our country stands as one of the most generous countries ever created.  Once an idea, a philosophical thought, then transformed into a nation.  A nation capable of warding off foes. A nation capable of defending its borders and protecting her people from the tyranny of other nations.  A nation so strong in its beliefs that no other foreign nation can step in and begin to dictate law.  A nation that respects all races and religions, even to the point where those religions are contrary to the very laws that govern our country.   


This experiment with a republic, is of course not without its fault's.  At one point early on, some wealth land owners owned slaves, however that practice became unpalatable, and Slavery was abolished.  Setting precedent for the world as far as abolishing the practice of slavery. With the exception of some third world countries, owning humans to procure labor is frowned upon.  There are however countries that practice the archaic inhumane act.  According to Oxygen, these countries are:  Mauritania, India, China, Uzbekistan, Libya, and North Korea.


America, and her founding principles of freedom are under attack.  The very freedoms, that Americans have cherished for centuries is under siege.  And this clandestine attack comes from within.  From the very citizens whom enjoy the freedoms that the country was founded on. 

First and foremost the attack on the First Amendment.  "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."


Religion:  There has been legislative agenda that seeks to remove religious statues from government buildings.  An outcry from the atheist community whom believe that having a cross on public property violates their religion.  Despite not having a religion, they reject to any symbolism that depicts a Christian ideology.  Making numerous attempts to have such Christian relics removed from public spaces.  The atheist community in their unrelenting desire to have all Christian symbols removed from public spaces and government buildings.  Citing the first Amendment whilst doing so.  However, freedom of Religion, does not necessarily equate to freedom from religious expression.


Freedom of Speech:  Social media organizations such as Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, have seriously inhibited any organization that they disagree with from expressing their opinion.  Despite being founded in America, these organizations have aligned themselves with principles of third world censorship.  Social Media organizations have restricted the flow of ideas, and have stifled conversations outright from those people who believe in conservative principles.  While enjoying the benefits America has to offer to them as far as their ability to express their opinions, they have restricted any opinion that they deem to be dangerous to their globalist views of the world.


The press, which has been referred to as "the enemy of the people" by the President of the United States, has taken a hard line progressive stance.  And have made mention that the President is equatable to that of a racist, dictator, misogynist, and a plethora of demeritorious names, he has yet to  exhibit any sort of authoritarian behavior with respect to the very entities that have enjoyed tossing such terminology towards him.  

President Maduro of Venezuela recently had Jorge Ramos of Univision and his media team arrested because he didn't like the insinuation that Maduro was "starving his people."  

“He didn’t like the things we were asking him about the lack of democracy in Venezuela, the torture and the political prisoners,” Mr. Ramos recounted on a Univision broadcast, after he said he was released by the government."

Mr. Ramos said he had been detained for “more than two hours” before he was let go and allowed to return to his hotel. He said the government had confiscated his crew’s equipment, including their phones and memory cards.

This is despite the cries that Venezuela is still a practicing Democracy.  

Yet, to date, President Trump has not weaponized government agencies to target the press.  Despite Jim Acosta, political activist and White House Press Corps reporter decrying otherwise when he had his press credentials revoked over an altercation with the president. The President sought the assistance of the Justice Department to seek action into the numerous slander and liable comments the media outlets regularly make with respect to him.  No, the President is not a dictator.

The biggest attack America is facing at this moment comes from a most innocuous source.  An ex-bartender who managed to convince the people in her district she was qualified for a position in the House of Representatives.  Laying claim she has a BA degree in economics, this bartender has managed to totally upend the democratic party and for all intensive purposes appears to be walking all over it.  Even letting the people on Twitter know that she is the boss.

Laying claim to be a practicing democratic socialist, this woman is earnestly working towards pushing an ideological environmental plan called the Green New Deal .  Without writing out the entirety of the plan, it seeks to turn almost every industry to governmental control. 

Billed as, "a set of proposed economic stimulus programs in the United States that aims to address climate change and economic inequality."  Automotive, housing, education, health care, energy, farming and ranching will essentially be under the control of the government.  The very concept of this Green New Deal, will essentially transform the United States into a third world country.  All to satisfy the desire of vegan, environmentalists without forethought of where this will leave the United States with respect to protecting its borders.  

The Green New Deal, is the most expensive, ill-conceived, preposterous and dangerous propositions hitting congress and the media to date.  It has been estimated that if this idea was implemented, it would cost the American household an average of $600,000.  Other estimates have laid claim that all the world economies could not collectively afford to implement this program. 

How does this woman propose to implement this plan?  By printing money using quantitative easing.  The entire point of  the  Green New Deal, appears to be to utilize government funds to create government jobs, by eliminating some of the most prosperous industries in America, creating a vacuum of opportunity for other countries to prosper and adapt advanced technologies while America is occupied spending all its money developing "Green" technology.

Never mind, that it does absolutely nothing to protect American interests, but rather expands spending to an unsustainable unmanageable amount.  All for the purpose of preventing "climate change."  Unrealistically, no one to date has determined where the climate should remain stagnant, or if that goal is attainable.  Scientists who have worked in the field of solar and wind however have come to a consensus that neither solar nor wind in combination can produce the desired amount of energy needed to maintain the energy demands needed to run the nation. In fact, it was estimated, that due to lack of energy produced by these industries, the need for more conventional forms of energy would be increased. Ironically, this plan is supported by almost every Democratic candidate for president in 2020.  

As Patriot Wendy Nelson so eloquently stated, "America has been infiltrated by an extreme leftist faction decades ago which has systematically planned and followed a system to destroy our country by increasing government control and power through the indoctrination of our population via the media and educational system." 

America is a nation worth saving:  As Dinesh D'Souza once wrote, "America is the greatest, freest and most decent society in existence. It is an oasis of goodness in a desert of cynicism and barbarism. This country, once an experiment unique in the world, is now the last best hope for the world."

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