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Democrat Psyops To Supplant Government Of and By The People

~ by Chris Adamo

Anyone with the even slightest intellectual honesty and sense or irony has to be amazed that Hillary Clinton is still speaking as if she ever had even a shred of credibility. Yet she prattles on, presuming to be firmly perched on the "moral high ground" discussing every varied subject from the environment to pro-abort "motherhood" to the rule of law, with the lunatic leftist perspective always being correct of course.

Some people are just too lacking in self-awareness, or any infinitesimal reflection of having a soul, to even be embarrassed by such baseless arrogance and sanctimony. Yet there sits Hillary, relentlessly spewing a toxic combination of leftist platitudes and moral rot, fully confident that she's convincing everyone she's the living answer to all of humanity's problems.

In one particular area, her venomous utterances reveal her to be a player in a thoroughly orchestrated effort by the leftist Democrats, and even many of their RINO minions, to pre-empt the possibility that, at long last, they may face real justice. Having basked throughout her political life in the midst the most heinous corruption, she and others like her clearly have reason to live in fear of any actual restoration of justice in America. And they now see a terrifying prospect looming on the horizon, with the possible reelection of President Trump this coming November.

Clinton is well known for the raging tantrum she threw back in 2016, when a "debate" she had with Trump didn't go according to script. Among other obscenity laced rants was her fearful prediction that a Trump triumph would mean, "We're all going to prison." And while that (sadly) did not happen, those were certainly not the words of someone who believes in his/her ultimate innocence.

Now she's at it again, but with the added twist that President Trump might pursue justice against all of those leftist Democrats who have flagrantly abused power in efforts to destroy him. That, in Hillary's alternative universe, would make him "Hitler." This tired out attempt at generating hysteria belies the fact that real justice in a free and open country demands such criminality as embodied by Hillary and her kind reaps punishment for such crimes and flagrant abuses.

Nevertheless, the "Hitler/vengeance" card is being played, and as loudly as possible. So what could be the real significance of such behavior, occurring as it has so many months before the November Election? For starters, leftists are terrified that they may not be in a position to steal this year's election as they did in 2020. Moreover, if they can't cheat at the ballot box, they've got to figure out how to cheat justice itself.

So Hillary, formerly the "Wicked Witch of the West Wing," and brazenly treasonous Secretary of State, now seeks to portray herself as the "victim." If she can bleat loudly and incessantly enough between now and November that Trump is just a vindictive meanie with a personal animus towards her, maybe people will remember that, and presume it as Trump's real motivation for the massive slate of criminal indictments levied against her. So in her contrived world, any attempt at bringing her to accountability, or even opening real investigations of her, would be wholly unwarranted, and personal in nature, representing the very death of the American ideal.

Do not underestimate the real scope of this situation. Hillary is clearly not alone. The list of hardcore leftist traitors and criminals who have abused power to advance their agenda and silence their opposition is long indeed. It reads like a "Who's Who" of Clinton/Obama era malfeasance. So the effort to get in front of any investigations and prosecutions is something in which a very large portion of the "Swamp"/sewer has a vested interest. One of the most profound consequences of the 2016 victory by President Trump was his unmasking of the colossal uniparty infiltration and manipulation of our once Constitutional government, to serve its own ends and destroy anyone who dared interfere with it. America knows now, and that genie is not going back into the bottle!

So leftist Democrats and their RINO minions are on overdrive, seeking every possible means of subverting the will of the American people in deciding who they choose to hold high office. Another truly ugly example of this exists in the state of North Carolina, as candidates vie for the office of Superintendant of Public Instruction. In what seems an unlikely race to potentially yield national consequences, Michele Morrow, the genuinely Conservative candidate on the Republican ticket, poses a mortal threat to Democrat/RINO "business as usual" in the Tarheel State. This is on account of her indomitable boldness and moral clarity.

During the primary, their efforts were directed at painting her to be incompetent and part of a dangerous right wing "fringe." Yet in light of all the actual leftist lunacy occurring in classrooms, inflicting real and lasting harm on some students while leaving so many others inadequately educated in classroom basics, North Carolina voters saw the hysteria of her detractors as a positive, carrying her to an easy victory over her RINO incumbent opposition.

So now the panic has really set in. The latest effort to derail her candidacy comes from the State Legislature, where a Democrat sponsored bill seeks to establish "qualifications" for the office that would specifically disqualify Morrow. In a scheme no less heinous than all the Manhattan kangaroo court treachery directed against President Trump, the North Carolina Political "Establishment" is working feverishly to prevent the "peasantry" from choosing who would direct the schooling of their own children.

 Americans are awake and aware, as never before, of the dirty deeds of leftist Democrats and colluding RINOs in public office. From former urban Democrat "strongholds" to those reliably "Red" regions where "We the People" have long held a distrust for bloated and overreaching government, Americans now see self-serving "Business as usual" from the Ruling Class as the single greatest threat to their Nation's future.

However, this hardly signals the end of the battle. In truth, it is only the beginning. Real American Patriots need to be engaged in the workings of government at every level, from the local to the National, and ready to hold lawbreakers and their corruption fully to account. Let them cry foul if they want! Once the situation at hand is properly understood, those indignant shrieks prove to be tacit admissions of guilt.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. He is author of the book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," which is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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