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DeSantis - Trump Copy Cat

DeSantis insinuated on the podcast “Ruthless,” and bear in mind that at the beginning of the global covid pandemic shutdown in early 2020, the last year of Trump's term, and when nobody knew anything about this virus that was killing tens of thousands of people per day) that he, unlike Trump and I guess we would have to also assume unlike all other world leaders too, that he, DeSantis, would not have locked down the Country! — On top of that, DeSantis also attempted to take credit for Trump's covid Travel ban from China at the beginning of the global lockdown, boasting or claiming that he supposedly told Trump to “stop the flights from China!”

Out of curiosity, is or was DeSantis some sort of scientific genius or God with magical powers above all world leaders who could foresee what and who this virus would destroy and kill? Am I missing something here? Because on April 1st, 2020, Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a Statewide stay-at-home order in Florida, too; it wasn’t just Trump who issued lockdown orders, so why then is DeSantis attacking Trump over something he did himself? If you're being honest with yourself, you know that President Trump made it very clear that he didn’t want lockdowns, but had no other choice in the matter, because his first responsibility was to protect the lives of Americans, and although DeSantis is now in many ways making these inferred assertions or innuendos to the effect that he didn’t lock down Florida during covid (as you can see and read in the attached link) that is false; it’s a lie, because he absolutely did. DeSantis also gave local authorities significant freedom to impose their own restrictions like mask mandates etc., waiting until May of 2021 to rescind that order, almost 5 months after Trump had left office, so why if what DeSantis is saying now is true, did he wait over a year after Covid lockdowns began and after Trump left office to rescind that order? In fact, why did he enact such an order to begin with, if what he is saying is true? What’s more and in point of fact, Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota, was actually the only United States Governor who never issued a stay-at-home order, not DeSantis, even though many of you think he was, and for what it’s also worth, Florida wasn’t the only state whose schools remained opened either, among other things, despite DeSantis’ recent claims, or rather innuendos, Georgia and other Republican states gave parents and students the option of in person or online learning. I moved to Georgia during the summer of 2020, and nothing was locked down. In Fact, Georgia set Record-Breaking Economic Growth and Numbers During COVID-19, so I don’t know what Ron DeSantis is talking about!

Personally, I don’t believe that President Trump and other world leaders wanted or wished to play God with our lives and lockdowns, particularly when they knew little to nothing about Covid, but that it was a deadly virus that was killing people on a mass scale across the globe. As leaders, they had no other choice but to listen to and follow the advice of the scientists; to do otherwise would have been utterly irresponsible at the time!

Furthermore, Trump may be pro-vaccine, and that’s his right as an individual, as it is mine or your right, but as President of the United States, he never mandated and forced people to take the vaccine against their will, to say or suggest otherwise is a lie, as it was quite the opposite; that was and is what Biden and Democrats wanted and did in many cases, as you all well know, but clearly an aspect of this argument that DeSantis and his loyalists are failing to cop to and acknowledge, of course, for obvious election campaign reasons.

In actual fact, President Trump very much so endorsed and pushed for the use of other therapeutics from monoclonal antibodies to Hydroxychloroquine, to Remdesivir, Paxlovid, and Ivermectin; if I recall correctly, and I am, he held and led a televised round table conference on it!

I understand that people support DeSantis, have at it, that’s your choice, as is it my choice to support Trump, but you don’t need to trash and smear Trump with false accusations in an effort to get people to align with DeSantis! - If you want to make a case against Trump, at the very least, your argument should be based on corroborating evidence from reliable sources and not based on the media and his political opponent's campaign smear tactics, lies, and games, because those lies can be refuted!

Be honest about why you support him and argue and debate your reasons, but don’t propagate false and slanderous accusations against someone else just to bait them onto your side. — That’s mess up!

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