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DISGRACED Bill: Dem's Move to Strip Trump's Secret Service

Democratic lawmakers, led by Rep. Bennie Thompson, introduced the DISGRACED Act, a bill that could strip former President Donald Trump of Secret Service protection if convicted of a felony. This legislation comes in the wake of the January 6 Capitol riot and has sparked a range of reactions, with some questioning the motives behind the bill and others supporting it as a necessary step to hold Trump accountable for his actions. The bill, if passed, would amend the Former Presidents Act, which currently provides lifelong Secret Service protection to former presidents.

would reform the U.S. Secret Service’s protective mission by automatically terminating Secret Service protection for those who have been sentenced to prison following conviction for a Federal or State felony—clarifying that prison authorities would be responsible for the protection of all inmates regardless of previous Secret Service protection.

.This legislation is co-sponsored by Reps. Troy A. Carter Sr., Barbara Lee, Frederica Wilson, Yvette D. Clarke, Bonnie Watson Coleman, Jasmine Crockett, Joyce Beatty, and Steve Cohen

America saw what happens when there is a lack of security in the prison system given that Jeffrey Epstein allegedly killed himself. Are the Democrats trying to assassinate the former President and leading presidential contender?

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20 abr

Yes of course they would take the opportunity if given. It's also a logistical nightmare if the President would be in a prison. Secret Service could LITERALLY evacuate the whole prison which would make the killing of Americans compounded. Why you ask? Because those prisoners would most likely be released into the population. If they were released intl NY, it would be Headline after Headline. Pres. Trump is daring that judge to jail him. Again, Democrats are trying to nip something in the bud. Most of Trump's persecutors are conniving black people full of vitriol. Someone had pointed thos out the other day. Add this Dem to the list. Dems are always looking at optics. I'm part black so they…

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