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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

This amazing piece of poetry has been brought to you by Faustino Manuel Rocha III (J.R.)

Biden Biden What are you hidin'?? You're partial to bribin' And straight up conivin'

You treat America as an old ragged hag You sell out our states like they were a grab bag and then on the mic, we all hear

you brag Nobody messes with a "Biden"

The joke is on you, ' cuz a trails been kept Of the places that you and your family have slept

And all of this garbage just puts us in debt But nothin' but dollars for "The Biden"

How far you have come from 50 years ago When everyone nationwide just knew you as "Joe"

But now we can see how far the rabbit hole goes The Wonderland of "Biden"

So trick us once, and you are to blame Trick us twice, we'll, that's just the same 'Cuz everyone knows the name of the game Especially "the Biden"

So whether you come and whether you go The oversight committee will soon fully know

Just want you to know we're on to you Joe Even though you are known as the Biden

The endgame is coming, as all of us see That the scales of Justice are coming for thee

And who sells our secrets from sea unto sea One known only as "the Biden"

As Sinatra has said. "The time has now come, There's nowhere to hide, and you really can't run

And the Davos crowd's saying, "you surely are done" As things go south fast for the Biden

You've used us, they used you, you think Noone knows "I'm off like a Boss, and that's how it goes"

But hold up and look! It's angelic hosts And they're all coming for you "the Biden"

We'll, now you're resigning, the die has been cast Your number is up, and oh that was fast! And nothing you value was truly meant to last And now ends the show for "The Biden"

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