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Elbert Guillory Announces Candidacy for Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District: A Champion of Conservative Values

In a move that has electrified the political landscape of Louisiana, Elbert Guillory has announced his candidacy for the 6th Congressional District. Guillory, a former state senator with a storied history in Louisiana politics, is known for his passionate advocacy for conservative values and his notable departure from the Democratic Party. As he embarks on this new chapter, Guillory’s campaign is set to resonate with voters seeking principled leadership and a steadfast commitment to the values that underpin American democracy.

From Democrat to Republican: A Journey of Principles

Elbert Guillory’s political journey is as compelling as it is principled. Originally a member of the Democratic Party, Guillory made headlines in 2013 when he announced his switch to the Republican Party. His decision was not made lightly but was a reflection of deep-seated beliefs and a desire to align himself with a party that, in his view, more closely mirrored his values.

In his viral video "Why I Am a Republican," Guillory articulated his reasons for the switch. He criticized the Democratic Party for policies he believed perpetuated dependency and hindered economic and personal freedom. Guillory spoke passionately about the importance of self-reliance, limited government, and the empowerment of individuals and communities—core tenets of conservative philosophy.

Strong Conservative Values

Guillory’s candidacy is built on a foundation of strong conservative values that resonate deeply with many Louisianans. His political platform emphasizes several key areas:

  1. Economic Freedom and Job Creation: Guillory advocates for policies that reduce regulatory burdens on businesses, promote entrepreneurship, and create jobs. He believes in the power of the free market to drive economic growth and improve the lives of all citizens.

  2. Education Reform: Guillory is a staunch supporter of school choice, advocating for policies that allow parents to choose the best educational options for their children, whether public, private, charter, or homeschooling.

  3. Second Amendment Rights: A firm believer in the constitutional right to bear arms, Guillory supports measures that protect and preserve the Second Amendment.

  4. Fiscal Responsibility: Guillory is committed to reducing government spending and ensuring that taxpayer dollars are used efficiently. He supports balanced budgets and policies that address the national debt.

  5. Health Care: Guillory favors a health care system that is patient-centered and market-driven, reducing government intervention and increasing competition to lower costs and improve quality.

A Record of Service and Leadership

Elbert Guillory’s record speaks volumes about his dedication to public service and leadership. As a state senator, he worked tirelessly to represent his constituents and championed numerous bills aimed at improving the quality of life in Louisiana. His work on criminal justice reform, education, and economic development has left a lasting impact on the state.

Connecting with Voters

Guillory’s campaign is not just about policy but also about connecting with voters on a personal level. His ability to communicate his vision clearly and passionately has endeared him to many Louisianans. Guillory's story, from his roots in the rural South to his rise in state politics, embodies the American dream and serves as an inspiration to many.

Elbert Guillory’s announcement to run for Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District brings a seasoned and principled leader into the race. His journey from the Democratic to the Republican Party highlights a commitment to conservative values that he believes are essential for the prosperity and freedom of all Americans. With a focus on economic freedom, education reform, Second Amendment rights, fiscal responsibility, and patient-centered health care, Guillory is poised to offer a compelling alternative to the status quo. As his campaign gains momentum, it is clear that Elbert Guillory’s vision for Louisiana and the nation is one of empowerment, opportunity, and unwavering dedication to the principles that make America great.

To learn more about his mission or to support his campaign visit,

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