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Eric McCormack Star of Will and Grace is Taking on a New Role - J. Edgar Hoover


With the show Will and Grace in its final season, Eric McCormack is preparing for a new role but this role, is real life; the role of J. Edgar Hoover. McCormack is taking on the media, and asking them to doxx Trump supporters insinuating no one in Hollywood should work with them.

The minor difference between Hoover and McCormack is that the first head of the FBI was government employee who had rabid anti-communist views. Unlike the FBI director, McCormack openly advocates for harassment of the President of the United States, as his active twitter account has many anti-Trump posts. Some reach the level of vitriol unseen in modern days as he has re-tweeted several gross and inappropriate tweets to describe not just the President, but his family as well.

While McCormack is a Canadian actor, who earned fame working in the American media, he takes every opportunity to criticize the people who helped him rise to his level of fame, many of his fans are Trump supporters.

Twitter followers were not kind with respect to his tweet. Many replies were in regards to his lack of tolerance.

While the First Amendment protects free speech and expression from government repercussions, it does not protect protect average citizens from using the "power of the purse" should they have a fundamental disagreement with publicly posted issues.

Despite his disrespectful tweet asking the Hollywood Reporter to openly expose Trump supporters for expressing their First Amendment, we wish him well in his future endeavors.

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