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Every Picture Tells A Story; Tyranny Versus Trump, An American Patriot

Most people assume that the Department of Justice, or DOJ as it’s most often referred to, is an appendage of our 3rd Branch Of Government, The Judicial Branch, i.e., the Supreme Court and its lower courts, given its namesake, but they would indeed be mistaken because it is, in fact, an arm of our 2nd Branch Of Government, The Executive Branch, for whom Joe Biden is the Chief Executive Officer of as the President of the United States.

Bearing this in mind as the dust settles after President Trump's New York City ‘Underwhelming bogus indictment hearing, and we have had a little more time to digest and contemplate the outrageous, unprecedented events of Monday, April 4th, 2023, and as someone with a sharp eye and discerning mind, who scrutinizes and pays particularly close attention to detail, what caught my eye and struck me as one of the most compelling or revealing indications, lending enormous credence to the overwhelming belief, that Trump's indictment was and is an unadulterated politically motivated hit job, was corroborated through a photograph of both the prosecution and the defense that was taken inside the courtroom during what I consider to be DA Alvin Bragg’s unjustified malicious and selective prosecution of President Trump.

Depicted in this still image is a prosecutor by the name of Matthew Colangelo, who Is the Link Between The George Soro’s Funded DA Alvin Bragg’s Office (The Obama White House), And The Biden DOJ. You see, up until a few short months ago, Colangelo was one of Biden's top-ranking officials or prosecutors at The Department Of Justice, which, as we all know, is headed up by Biden’s exceedingly partisan, and many would certainly contend, an activist prosecutor, Attorney General, Merrick Garland.

Matthew Colangelo, as Biden’s 3rd most Senior Official at The U.S. Department Of Justice, spent much of his time Obsessively Pursuing “Get Trump” Rabbit Hole Cases, desperately scouring through 11 million pages of Trump’s Tax Returns, Business Records, and personal life, searching for anything the left could mold into a crime to pin on and use against Trump in order to take him out of the 2024 Presidential Race, because it's much easier for AG Merrick Garland, as a conduit of Joe Biden, to indict and jail Trump than to beat him at the ballot box in free and fair elections. However, that said, in December of 2022, in what most would agree was a rather suspiciously bizarre move, Colangelo abruptly quit his prestigious position at the DOJ and transferred, or perhaps was “trans(planted)” is a more fitting choice of words, to DA Alvin Bragg’s New York City office, which is tantamount to climbing down the ladder of success, rather than up it.

Now, ask yourself, why would Matthew Colangelo simply up and leave a top-tier post working as the U.S. President’s 3rd in command in the upper echelons of The Department Of Justice in Washington DC, only to take a job, effectively a demotion, in a local DA’s office? - The answer is quite simple; he wouldn’t, and it’s ludicrous on its face to say, think, or believe otherwise, which is why my spidey sixth sense is all but telling me that Joe Biden is involved, if not the impetus behind the weaponization of our Justice Department to go after, persecute, and prosecute President Trump, the bane of his and the Democrat's existence, his arch-rival, and leading 2024 Presidential contender and opponent.

This is reaffirmed by the sheer insolence of the DOJ and AG Merrick Garland, who seems blithely unfazed, not one bit apprehensive or uneasy about publicly flaunting Michael Colangelo during Monday's hearing, and in doing so, without uttering a word, broadcasting to the entire nation, their disdain for The Constitution and hence lack thereof, adherence to the rule of law, regardless of Garland’s insincere “nobody is above the law” mealymouthed mantra.

By surreptitiously and unconstitutionally placing one of his 7th-floor deep-state pit-bull federal prosecutors, Matthew Colangelo, on DA Alvin Bragg’s subordinate district-level prosecutorial team, seated right across from President Trump during Monday's erroneous unjustified hearing, AG Merrick Garland was quite literally rubbing it in our faces that Joe Biden is, in fact, in on this vicious politically motivated assault against our former President, “The Peoples President,” Donald J Trump, a declared 2024 Presidential Candidate.

This, of course, is nothing new for Democrats, as we witnessed the inception and rise of this same type of virulent despotic weaponization of government against Republicans under President Obama’s divisive, America last leadership. Unfortunately, Biden has picked up where Obama left off. However, most would argue that we are, in actuality, living through a more dangerous, potently venomous form of government overreach, arrogance, and abuse of power under Joe Biden, in concert with his Executive Branch Cabinet Members, which includes AG Merrick Garland, in collaboration with Senior Congressional members of the Democrat Party, all of which should set off alarms, and frighten every American.

New York Democrat Chuck Schumer, for example, now the Democrat's # 1 Senator on Capitol Hill, who was one among several far-left Senators to sign a 2012 letter to the IRS demanding that they be more aggressive against conservatives, also in an Unconstitutional Marxist bid to silence or rather outright censor Republicans, the opposition, gave a speech in 2014 in which he publicly declared that the IRS should be used to target and punish groups that disagree with the Democrat Party’s political ideology, policies, and agenda. He said, “there are many things that can be done administratively by the IRS and other government agencies — we must redouble those efforts immediately.”

Predictably so, it was a story that the left-wing legacy media essentially blacked out for the most part, and one that Conservative networks picked up and only ran with for a measly few days, and unfortunately, to add to that stunning lackluster show of patriotism or regard for the posterity of the fundamental founding principles that made America exceptional, there was no coordinated joint effort taken between Congressional Republicans, prosecutors, or The Grassroots Conservative Movement against Chuck Schumer to thwart this sort of deleterious conduct within our governing body. The Senate didn’t even bother to censure him for suggesting that the IRS be used as a political weapon against Conservatives.

It is truly reprehensible behavior. To think that this sort of Marxist Stalinism has darkened America's doorstep, and infiltrated and taken root in our government among high-ranking and senior elected leaders. Who would have ever thought this could happen here; it should terrify everyone.

Clearly, Merrick Garland, as the United States Attorney General, is supposed to “…ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.", as the DOJ’s mission statement and his sworn oath and duties command, along with The Department of Justice, the Federal Agency he oversees, which like him, is also supposed to be an Apolitical body, albeit an arm of Biden’s Executive Branch; however it is evident through his Unconstitutional behavior, that he does not care about our Founding Documents, principles, rights, civil liberties, and the rule of law, particularly when it comes To The Lefts Sham Indictment Against President Donald Trump and his Constitutional Rights, or anyone affiliated with, or in support of him.

Nor does Garland care about last Monday's courtroom optics either, wherewith, not only Biden’s Federal Executive Branch of Government, through the DOJ’s obvious subversive shadow sleuth, Matthew Colangelo, flaunted their arrogant and decedent disregard for The Fifth Amendment, the due process clause, and section l of the 14th Amendment, the equal protection clause of The United States Constitution that guarantees the Right of equal application of the Law, but by which Alvin Bragg, who not only (unlawfully) used federal funds to indict Trump, among other misdeeds, also violated President Trump’s Sixth Amendment Rights, as a defendant, by refusing to inform him, through the indictment and/or at his arraignment, “of the nature and cause of the accusation;” against him.

But why would any of these George Soro’s anti-American left-wing progressive prosecutors care about the Constitution, especially in Manhattan? After all, it is a one-party Democrat-controlled city, a haven for anarchy and the far-left where 98% of the electorate ostensibly doesn’t care about the rule of law, crime-riddled streets, or what’s right and wrong; all they care about in their warped minds and morally bankrupt souls is getting-Trump at any cost.

The Department of Justice, as a ward of The Executive Branch, particularly under Attorney General Merrick Garland’s charge and Joe Biden’s auspices, has not just become unquestionably hyper-politicized, but it has also devolved into an unchecked One-Party Nation-State Agency of far-left Progressive tyranny.

As an arm of the Democrat Party, the DOJ is now overtly and habitually subverting the rule of law and, hence, perverting the course of justice in order to do Joe Biden and the Democrat's bidding by not only persecuting and prosecuting The Lefts Political Opponents, but all those who dare to resist and reject the Democrat Party’s ideological agenda.

President Trump appears to be the only lionhearted political figure brave enough to take on the corrupt DC Establishment, Deep State, and 4th Estate. With the sheer strength of his convictions and unflinching willpower, President Trump stands undaunted, unabashed, unshrinking, and unshaken between Progressive far-left Democrats, which is the entire party now, and our cherished Founding Documents, the bedrock of principles upon which our nation was founded, Our Flag fly's, and good men and women fought and died for in every battle for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” since The Revolutionary War.

By standing in the Democrat's way, like a brick wall, President Trump is indeed thwarting the left's crusade to undermine our Freedoms, Rights, and ultimately, our Constitutional Republic, thereby preventing Democrats from forging a highway to The Left’s Dream Of A “One-Party” Centralized Government, where absolute power rules the day and controls the citizenry, and where The United States Constitution and The Declaration Of Independence will be unequivocally discarded in the dustbin of history if Democrat’s are allowed to succeed; however, it’s clear that President Trump will not give up without a fight. As the old adage goes, “In the fight for freedom, there is no defeat; you either achieve it or you die trying.”

You see, our Founding Documents were not only created to, in part, guarantee, defend, protect, and secure our God-given Constitutional Unalienable Rights and Freedoms against tyrants, government overreach, abuses of power, and outright usurpations, but also to create and ensure a Constitutionally Oath-Bound and Sworn Government to secure our rights. A Government with Limited Powers that was of the People, by the People, and for the People,” “instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…” Our Founders, among other things, did this to guard against and prevent the rise of despotic forms of governments after the subjugation and tyranny of the British Monarch, King George the 3rd, and a hard-fought Revolutionary War in the battle for our Independence, for freedom, the single principle upon which America was born.

Our Founders often said that “Freedom could not be enjoyed without virtue. Thomas Jefferson wrote, “No government can continue good but under the control of the people; and … their minds are to be informed by education what is right and what wrong; to be encouraged in habits of virtue…”

You see, our Founders believed that without virtue, “one would get nothing but tyranny based on power and selfishness...” because “to abandon the virtues always involves a Violation Of The Integrity of the human person, either ourselves, or (more often) others. When such violations are not avoided, or mended, by individuals and families, it is “mended” by a far blunter instrument, the government. When one does not control oneself, someone, or something else will, namely, the state.”

Madison once said, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary; however, our Founders did not see government as an institution of virtue and morality either, far from it, which is why they took great pains, care, and diligence to limit their powers through enumerated Articles and Amendments in The United States Constitution, establishing a Three Branch System Of Governance, 1) The Legislative Branch, 2) The Executive Branch, and 3) The Judicial Branch, with each Branch Of Government having limited powers and being a Check and Balance on the other, in order to ensure that no one Branch could become too powerful, thereby thwarting tyranny.

Our Founders simply saw government as a framework of rules and laws to safeguard our rights and liberties that allowed a free and virtuous people to build a life that was safe, secure, and orderly in the pursuit of happiness and the American dream.

Unfortunately, in the Democrat State of New York and the deep Blue City of Manhattan, we are witnessing the advent of modern-day tyranny as a direct result of unlimited and unchecked government power, which is an absolute consequence of a State that has progressively devolved into One-Party Rule and Control, unafraid to overtly pervert and violate The United States Constitution and The Rule Of Law, in order to go after their political opponents. And to what end? The pursuit of absolute power.

As they say, “Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.”

If we acquiesce to the Ruling-Class, throw off our personal convictions to meld with the masses in compliance with the state-run echo chambers of the left-wing establishment media, and turn away from the very Founding Principles that not only made America Exceptional, but also made it possible for our country to be redeemed too, to correct its mistakes, and right the wrongs of slavery, Jim Crow, giving women and minorities a voice, and more through those very same principles upon which our nation was founded, if we forsake and abandon those principles, we will not only succumb to tyranny and lose our Constitutional Republic, but we will also lose our identity and the very heart of what it truly means to be an American, because America is not about a place, you see, but a feeling in your heart.

Linda Genzel, Editor WECU News.

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Wow, what an amazing article. At 64 yrs young, the amount of corruption in our government is unbelievable. The MSM which is all owned by leftist elites, is a big factor by covering up for the Democratic party. President Trump accomplished much his first term, even though he was being backstabbed with his own administration. We need to continue to pray for the protection of him and his family.

Linda, thank you so much for your research and knowledge. Godbless you.

Replying to

Thank you so much. I appreciate your input, kind words, and that you took the time to read it!


James Watkins
James Watkins
Oct 05, 2023

Your article is most excellent. I agree with every word. Well done. You opened my eyes on that whole Matthew Colangelo bit. I had no idea who he was until you enlightened me. Thank you.

Replying to

You are very welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read my article; it is very much appreciated!


Bravo heck to the yes. Well Done inspires me to in some small way to be linked to you and your endeavors The values passion and patriotism behind your efforts and your understanding of what matters and what the people need to Know and mos important WOW. Your presentation he layout the story with supporting information right there visable and then the bold colorful picture messages bursting out to us. My Good. Lady. This is Awsome and classy while soul stirring also. as someone that intakes a lot of information every day all day long this is Great

Linda Genzel
Linda Genzel
Apr 10, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so so very much! I really appreciate your kind words. I am also very grateful that you took the time to read and found inspiration in my Article; it means a lot because our Republic needs all the support it can get right now.

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