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Fani Willis, Hidden Exculpatory Evidence & The Georgia Democrat Delegation Of The Get-Trump Gestapo.

I am reasonably confident that everyone with a pulse — or at least those of us residing on planet wide-a-fucking-wake, located in a hemisphere that sits about ten dimensions North of a tiny pea-sized island located on planet Uranus, which sits South of reality, and in a hemisphere known as abject stupidity, nicknamed hopeless lunatics in honor of its citizenry, or as they have anointed it, the woke world— is astutely aware by now, on Monday, August 14th, 2023, Georgia’s insatiably political Fulton County Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis filed what will not only be memorialized in the annals of Left-Wing American-Marxism, but what the overwhelming majority of Constitutional American Patriots believe to be yet another politically motivated dogmatic Democrat indictment against President Trump, his associates, and for the purposes of this particular article, against Republican Alternate Electors David Shafer and Ray Smith, a former Trump attorney, both of whom, as we are now learning due to recently unearthed exculpatory evidence, were knowingly, willfully, wrongfully, and erroneously coined and accused of being purported “Fake Electors” by the “Get-Trump” Soro’s funded DA Fani Willis.

Obviously, a malign and spurious epithet that was concocted in a contrived bid to manipulate, mislead, and deceive Ms. Willis’s cherry-picked Constitutionally unwitting Grand Jury into returning her predetermined dubious 98-page prejudicial indictment that was reached in clear violation of both the 5th & 14th Amendments “Due Process Clauses” of and against President Trump, his associates, and Alternate Electors in what most view as a malicious partisan prosecution orchestrated to arrest and thereby remove President Trump from the 2024 Presidential ballot at the behest and direction of Joe Biden and his AG Merrick Garland, which, of course, was subsequently all but confirmed by former Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich.

You see, on Thursday, August 17th, Newt Gingrich —widely regarded throughout the entire Nation as having been the most successful House Speaker of the modern American era— was interviewed on Charlie Kirk’s National Radio Show, where he revealed disturbing and reprehensible inside information concerning our Federal Government’s direct and Unconstitutional involvement in AG Fani Willis’s bizarrely unorthodox timed “midnight” indictment.

By all accounts, as reported on good authority by Newt’s longtime trustworthy inside source, Biden’s Department of Justice apparently ordered Fani Willis to immediately unload her grotesquely un-American Marxist-style anti-free-speech indictment on top of President Trump and 18 other Republican co-defendants on the night of Monday, August 14th in a calculated and deliberate effort to take the spotlight off of the latest Biden corruption scandal incriminating Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, another Deep-Stater and left-wing henchman of the Biden cartel.

All of which, of course, explains the rushed and extraordinarily bizarre ungodly 11 p.m. rollout of Willis’s bogus indictment… indeed, the Weiss-Garland “Biden Protection Program” scandal was heating up and coming to a boiling point, and so the Executive Branch, which obviously encompasses Merrick Garland and his DOJ, were desperate and needed to plug the scandal and switch the narrative hard, heavy, and fast, and what better way to do it than to summon the services of the Georgia Democrat Delegation of the “Get-Trump Gestapo!”

In other words, and not to put too fine a point on it, in our Nation, a Constitutional Republic, a Union comprised of fifty Independent Sovereign States, our Federal Government abused its power, abridging the Constitution in violation of the 10th Amendment by overstepping and going outside of its lawful Constitutional jurisdiction by commanding a “Sovereign State Government” employee, in this case, GA District Attorney Fani Willis, to indict the Former President of the United States.

What makes this invariably even more egregious and utterly despicable to the nth degree, is that the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp —ostensibly, a Republican, but in reality, clearly a member of the confederation of “Rinos”— allowed it to transpire and, quite frankly, continues to endow Fani Willis with the implicit license to trash and make absolute dirt of the United States Constitution… now, if that is not the quintessential definition of the “Deep State,” then nothing is.

Manifestly, at least in my observations, opinion, and somewhat reasonably decent understanding, utmost respect for, and absolute loyalty to the United States Constitution, Gov. Brian Kemp hates Trump more than he loves and respects our Constitution and Country!

And so, as it presently stands, or at least in my Constitutionally literate opinion, we now not only know with confidence that Democrats and Rinos, acting in a manner consistent with Marxist tyrants and tyranny, weaponized our Federal and State Governments in a coordinated effort to maliciously persecute and prosecute President Trump, but that DA Fani Willis also outright LIED in her August 14th indictment, as is explicitly evident by the December 14th, 2020 exculpatory transcript, which she withheld from the grand jury, courts, and public while, at the same time, she unscrupulously accused David Shafer, Ray Smith, and other Alternate Republican Electors of unlawfully impersonating or misrepresenting themselves as Georgia’s “duly elected and qualified” Presidential Electors, when they did no such thing.

Fani Willis falsely alleged that the mere existence or appearance of Alternate Republican Electors on behalf of President Trump somehow constituted a criminal “conspiracy” designed to topple democracy by overturning the results of Georgia’s 2020 General Election… which, of course, is utterly ludicrous on its face; indeed, so much so that if that were actually the case and law in this country, then even JFK himself, would have and should have been indicted, found guilty, and locked up on those very same so-called criminal conspiracy charges that Fani Willis has unjustifiably leveled against Trump, his associates, and Alternate Electors David Shafer and Ray Smith.

Indeed, The Supreme Court held in “Brady v. Maryland” that prosecutors have an “affirmative duty” to disclose ALL evidence that is favorable to the defense and material to guilt and/or punishment. Under Brady and related Supreme Court cases, prosecutors must reveal ALL evidence that could be used to support a defendant’s case, including information that could undermine the credibility of prosecution witnesses.

But I suppose it’s to hell with the Supreme Court, the Constitution, President Trump, and his 18 Republican co-defendants rights as far as Fani Willis is concerned.

You see, we are now discovering that prior to handing down her August 14th indictment, Ms. Fani Willis had procured and was, in fact, in possession of exonerating evidence that she deliberately withheld and concealed from the Grand Jury and then, subsequently, the American Public. Indeed, documented exculpatory evidence in the form of a December 14th, 2020, verbatim transcribed meeting proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that Alternate Electors, David Shafer and Ray Smith, or as she dishonestly and malevolently coined them “Fake Electors,” intentions were positively and unequivocally lawful and in absolute compliance and keeping with precedent and the United States Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, thereby contradicting and abrogating Fani Willis’s allegations and calling into question her real motives behind pursuing this politically driven and ethically questionable case.

As a matter of fact, The Federalist acquired the newly unearthed exculpatory evidence: an extensively detailed transcript memorializing the 12/14/2020 meeting between Georgia’s Alternate Republican Electors, recording every single word, utterance, sniffle, and snivel at that gathering, and thereby unequivocally demonstrating the objective and intent behind appointing said Alternate Republican Electors, which, as you can read HERE, was in no way, shape, form, fashion, manner, or means stating, claiming, or even hinting that David Shafer, Ray Smith, or anyone else for that matter was intentionally or unintentionally impersonating public officials, as Fani Willis duplicitously alleged in her bogus indictments, but rather, were instead there to legally preserve President Trump’s challenge to the 2020 General Election results.

As is indisputably detailed in the attached highlighted paragraph of the 12/14/2020 transcript, Shafer emphatically, explicitly, and conclusively states that he and his fellow Republicans were serving as “Republican nominees for Presidential Elector” and not as “duly elected and qualified Presidential Electors,” a profound and significant distinction between what Willis had deceptively led the Grand Jury, courts, and thereafter, the American public to believe and what had actually transpired. In other words, Fani Willis LIED, and the proof is written in black and white and highlighted here in yellow!

To put things into “contested election” perspective, President Trump’s team of attorneys acting within their lawful Constitutional Rights and jurisdiction, initiated legal proceedings against Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on December 4, 2020, alleging that tens of thousands of illegal votes had been cast in the state’s Presidential Election; however, despite Trump’s lawsuit requesting a recount among other things, Raffensberger went ahead and recertified the election on December 7, 2020, irrespective of and with total disrespect for and disregard of President Trump’s legal challenge, which of course, was obviously still pending at the time Raffensperger decided to flip Trump the preverbal middle finger and recertify the election results anyway, as though he had some sort of insightful foreknowledge or telepathic powers and hence knew what the outcome of the lawsuit would be before the case was even heard, or evidence of election fraud was presented to the court, or a judge had ruled on it… rather odd, don't you think!

Although, it is also worth mentioning that Brad Raffensperger recently testified in a District Court hearing —on a motion by former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to move the case from State to Federal Court— that President Trump, contrary to Fani Willis’s false uncorroborated claims, was not demanding he fabricate votes when Trump remarked that: “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state.” But rather, as Raffensperger explained, he needed to “find” 11,780 votes that already existed vis-a-vis a second recount, which was the purpose of the actual phone call: to negotiate another recount, Raffensperger testified, and so thereby putting a stick of dynamite in and blowing Fani Willis’s fictitious allegations to smithereens.

And so roll on December 14, 2020, the day of the transcribed meeting between the Alternate Electors, i.e., the “Republican nominees for Presidential Elector,” and the day the “duly elected and qualified Presidential Electors,” i.e., the Democrat Electors representing Biden were required by law to meet; however, President Trump’s lawsuit was still pending at this point, reportedly being slow-walked by Judge Christopher Brasher, and so as a logical and legal Consequence, Georgia’s Alternate Republican Electors, including David Shafer and Ray Smith, cast their electoral votes for Trump, in order to preserve President Trump’s challenge to the 2020 General Election results, while the state’s Democrat Electors cast their vote for Biden.

You see, every State during every General Election has two slates of Electors. A slate of Republican Electors who are loyal to the Republican Presidential Nominee and a slate of Democrat Electors who are faithful to the Democrat Presidential Nominee. That is the way it has invariably always been; there is no such thing as “one slate of Electors for both Parties,” as Fani Willis would have you believe, or at least, the Constitutionally illiterate believe.

As you can see or actually read, in the December 14, 2020 transcript chronicling the legal basis for appointing Alternate Electors, David Shafer asked Ray Smith the following: “And so the only way for us to have any judge consider the merits of our complaint, the thousands of people we allege voted unlawfully, is for us to have this meeting and permit the contest to continue?”

To which Smith replied, “That’s correct.”

If the Alternate Republican Electors had not cast their votes for President Trump on 12/14/2020, and the judge had subsequently ruled in Trump’s favor, the ruling would have been moot, null and void, and Biden would have still won despite the court ruling against him; however, if the Alternate Republican Electors voted for Trump, just as they did, and the judge ruled in Trump’s favor, then Trump would have won, and Biden would have lost because the Alternate Republican Electors, rightly so, cast their votes for President Trump!

And as the Federalist rightly points out, this is certainly not the first General Election where a slate of Alternate Electors were placed on standby and cast their vote for their respective Parties Presidential Nominee pending the outcome of a legal challenge!

As a matter of fact, the exact same situation occurred in the 1960 Presidential Election between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon during a dispute over Hawaii’s electoral votes, which, as a direct consequence, prompted both JFK’s Alternate Democrat Electors and Nixon’s Republican Electors to cast their votes for their respective candidates, and while Hawaii’s Republican Governor initially certified the election for Nixon, a legal challenge and subsequent court ruling awarded the state’s slate of “Alternate Democrat Electors” electoral votes to JFK; however, if JFK’s Electors had not voted, regardless of the judge’s ruling, then Nixon would have won Hawaii’s electoral votes. And so you see, Trump did nothing wrong! Fani Willis is without question manipulating the law for obvious political reasons!

That said, unfortunately, unlike JFK, Trump was never afforded the same courtesy; he was never given his day in court. Instead, Judges simply ignored, delayed, and/or dismissed his lawsuits off-hand without even so much as hearing or giving the extensive treasure trove of evidence a passing glance. However, if the courts had decided to be impartial, leave their Lady Justice blindfolds on, and put their Trump-hating animus aside for half a millisecond to view the actual evidence, things might be a whole lot different right now. Our economy would not be in the toilet, the Kabul 13 would still be alive, the Ukrainian war would not have happened and 120,000 lives would have been spared, gas prices would be approximately $2 a gallon, inflation wouldn’t be through the roof, and America would be energy independent!

And so, you see, in light of not only the 1960 JFK/Nixon precedent and the revelations unearthed in the exculpatory 12/14/2020 transcript that Fani Willis obscured and failed to disclose to the Grand Jury and the American people, it raises a significantly serious and troubling question: If Willis was in possession of the transcript prior to August 14th, which she obviously was, why then did she charge David Shafer, and Ray Smith with allegedly partaking in a “conspiracy” to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results when the aforementioned document shows otherwise?

This question and others must be answered!

Linda Genzel

Editor Wecu News


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4 commentaires

Linda Genzel
Linda Genzel
08 sept. 2023

Without question! They are Machiavellian communists! it’s all about absolute power to them!!! And they will do whatever it takes to keep it!


So disgusting whats going on. The left is evil and will stop at nothing to turn our country into communism . This all started with Obama and of course George Soros. we need to take our country back and stop this garbage

Linda Genzel
Linda Genzel
08 sept. 2023
En réponse à

Democrats are ripping the Constitution to shreds and they are not trying to hide it anymor! 😡


Beyond frightening. They are not stupid. They are evil as can be. They are why RICO was created EXCEPT their racketeering is behind the walls of government with total protection. I wouldn't be surprised if the gas chambers (running on batteries, of course) were being dusted off. What will it take for the Alan Dershowitz's of America to wake up and realize that a vote for the Democrats is a vote for the Stormtrooper psychopaths.

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