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FBI Targets Churchgoers

In an unprecedented move, the FBI under the leadership of the Biden administration has targeted Churches in an investigation into identifying extremists within the Catholic Church. At first, the FBI disavowed such activity, however, once a FOIA Freedom of Information Act was filed, it was discovered that not only was the FBI investigating the Catholic churches, but they had placed agents inside of at least one church.

An internal memo shared by a whistle-blower on “radical-traditionalist Catholic ideology” cites, "FBI Richmond assesses the increasingly observed interest of racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists (RMVEs) in radical-traditionalist Catholic ideology almost certainly presents opportunities for threat mitigation through the exploration of new avenues for trip wire and source development"

Why would the FBI be interested in targeting Catholic Churches? A footnote pointing to the Southern Poverty Law Center is discovered within the redacted documents. They describe Catholics as a hate group, suggesting that the entire Roman Catholic Church should be considered a hate group.

Jim Jordan, House Judiciary Committee chairman issued a subpoena to Christopher Wray director of the FBI to get answers to the targeting of Catholics, stating "enlisting clergy to monitor their parishes prevents Americans who attend church from being able to exercise their First Amendment rights."

Congressman Mike Johnson (LA-4) appearing on ACLJ shared what the FBI was up to, and how this agent was possibly the "tip of the spear."

Everybody just heard that right. The FBI itself was seeking to recruit undercover agents in Christian and Catholic churches. And the reason, the purported reason, is because they were concerned with what they called “the threat” – this is a quote – “the threat of radical traditionalist Catholics,” e.g., pro-lifers. Those who actually practice their faith, right? That’s a threat to this FBI, to the Biden Administration and the White House, and the leadership of the DOJ, and so they were going to dispatch agents out to the churches to go and find spies inside the hallways. It’s unbelievable.

The redacted FBI document can be found on UndercoverDC where Kyle Seraphin expertly lays out the motive and inspiration behind the FBI and their intrusion into the Catholic Church.

The question we are posing is: How do you feel about the FBI infiltrating churches to look for domestic terrorists? Given that the information from the Southern Poverty Law Center is behind the impetus for this; Is this an infringement of your rights to worship freely guaranteed by the First Amendment?

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