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Fraile Retiree or Deep State Actor?

July 25, 2019

~by Ronald F. Owens Jr. 

This is the Honorable Robert Swan Mueller III, and he looked like a shaking, stammering and stuttering senior citizen earlier today.

He looked unstrung. Mueller didn’t seem to be the confident Special Counsel who led the 22-month investigation which according to the March 24, 2019 USA TODAY article, issued more than 2,800 subpoenas, executed almost 500 search warrants, and interviewed approximately 500 witnesses.

He looked unprepared. Mueller couldn’t have been the organized man who authored the “Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election,” a 448-page report which was publicly released by the Department of Justice on April 18, 2019.

He looked unskilled. Mueller didn’t seem to be the seasoned U.S. Attorney who prosecuted criminal cases in Northern California, nor did he seem to be a veteran lawyer who tried financial fraud, terrorism, and public corruption cases in Massachusetts, plus litigated narcotics and international money launderer cases there.

He looked like a frail retiree recruited from a senior citizen home, dressed up in a dark suit, white shirt, plus matching tie; and forcibly sat right smack down in front of scores of Washington D.C. lawmakers and millions of American viewers at two congressional hearings.

As I watched those two hearings this Wednesday it was hard for me to believe that Mueller was once a Deputy Attorney General and was the sixth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He looked so unstrung, unprepared and unskilled he didn’t even recall what former President first appointed him back in 1986 to an important federal job that catapulted his high-profile law enforcement career!

That 1986 year had to be a pivotal year in his adult professional life which he should have remembered. But Mueller had to be corrected what President appointed him as Acting United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts.

Mueller initially said the late President George H. W. Bush appointed him to that position. But Arizona Democrat Rep. Greg Stanton gently reminded Mueller earlier today that it was the late President Ronald Reagan, and not “Bush the Elder,” who had appointed him.

As I watched the first House Judiciary Committee hearing I wondered if Mueller was able to endure the morning. When the camera showed an empty Mueller chair after the short recess I wondered if Mueller would return. He did.

I was also concerned whether Mueller could withstand the next House Intelligence Committee hearing that afternoon. Because Mueller came across to millions of us viewers that he was such a bumbling old man.

I theorized that perhaps Mueller was afraid for his life? Perhaps Mueller didn’t want to be “Clintoncided,” a term I devised which I defined as “anyone who has died by freakish accident, untimely death, homicide, or suicide after being platonically, romantically, financially linked to and/or associated with, worked for, questioned, challenged, investigated, reported and/or published Bill Clinton's and Hillary Clinton's public policies, public corruption, financial improprieties, illegalities, and criminalities.” Many, many people have been “Clintoncided” over more than a quarter century.

I initially couldn’t help but feel sorry for the 74-year-old man, because I’ve been raised to respect my elders and I’ve been reared not to gleefully laugh at those who are embarrassing themselves and are getting their just comeuppance.

Don’t misunderstand me, I loathe the man, because of what he’s done the last couple years. Mueller has lied. Mueller has ruined people’s lives because they forgot a minor detail here and they didn’t remember a minor date there.

Mueller has tried —and is still currently trying— to oust a/our duly-elected President. Mueller could have come clean and confessed today. Mueller could have fully exculpated —a legal word that suggests someone is guilty until proven innocent when in actuality one is innocent until proven guilty— President Trump. But the resigned Special Counsel Mueller did not. He’s allowing the lies and the liars to continue lying.

Two discerning Christian sisters who were monitoring the hearings and who I was communicating with in a chat room weren’t at all fooled. Their spiritual discernment caused me to finally snap out of it.

So I snapped out of it and the more that I snapped out of it and watched and discerned the more I think it was an act.

I theorized that Mueller’s shaking, stammering and stuttering old man act was a passive/aggressive mind control and emotionally manipulating tactic. Please don’t misunderstand me. Passiveness/aggressiveness personality type people doesn’t mean that that person is benign or harmless. It merely means that that person, like Mueller, comes across as benign and innocent, but they can be devious and underhanded.

I reflected at what we’ve seen the last couple of years. We’ve seen Mueller manipulate, intimidate and dominate witnesses. I am reminded that manipulation, intimidation and domination is witchcraft. God never manipulates, intimidates or dominates, we humans do. And I felt that Mueller was trying to manipulate us to evoke sympathy from us, and I initially fell for it.

Again I repeat: Mueller could have come clean and confess today. But he didn’t and he hasn’t. Actions speak louder than words.

So yes, I allowed my tender heartedness for senior citizens to be emotionally manipulated by this almost 75-year-old senior citizen.

The Honorable Robert Swan Mueller III’s performance —or lack thereof— today is a terrible albeit fitting postlude of his supposed illustrious (but actually shady) public career.

(I am interested what happens in my beloved country and I like reporting about current events to inform all of you. But to see what I’m also passionate writing about, visit <> Thank you.)

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