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General Flynn Movie Takes On The Deep State

Author's Note: We were privileged to review the upcoming movie "Flynn," which chronicled the attack on Lt. General Michael Flynn by the leftist/Globalist "deep state." Although I usually write my commentaries in their entirety, circumstances this week compelled me to enlist the assistance of my wife to contribute to this piece. -Christopher Adamo

Throughout history, the destiny of entire civilizations often pivoted on the actions of individuals who, finding themselves at the epicenter of major events, recognized a critical need to rise to the challenge and stand toe to toe against evil. Hearkening to Paul Revere's trek to forewarn Massachusetts Minutemen of the impending British attack at Lexington and Concord, poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow declared "the fate of a Nation was riding that night."

In that same war, George Washington's daring move against the Hessian forces in Trenton, after his famous crossing of the Delaware River, still echoes as one of the defining moments leading to America's triumph over the British. More recently, the tide in the Pacific theater of World War II was turned back on the Japanese Empire by the unshakable determination of General Douglas MacArthur who resolutely declared that he would return in victory to retake territories lost to the enemy.

Although many Americans don't fully grasp the enormity of the danger descending upon us in 2024, we are indeed at one of those crossroads which may herald the end of our Constitutional Republic or its rebirth from the ashes and havoc of the advancing armies of the left. And as in former times, a hero has arisen from among the American people who is now carrying the torch of liberty and justice on their behalf, having weathered the firestorm of dirty tricks from a thoroughly corrupted and weaponized Government.

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, a highly respected and decorated hero of the United States Army, suddenly became an "enemy of the state," the moment Barack Obama (who originally appointed him as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency) realized Flynn would put honesty and principle above fealty to Obama and his anti-American agenda. Obama even specifically warned incoming President Donald Trump not to hire Flynn which, given Obama's track record of disloyalty to the Nation, could be taken as the highest of endorsements.

In stark contrast, General Flynn distinguished himself, first in the Army and then at the top levels of Government, overseeing emerging threats to the Nation and confronting them to the fullest extent possible. Eventually, though, he recognized that the greatest looming danger to America's future came not from foreign shores, but from within the increasingly diseased high offices of Washington D.C. itself. And having such knowledge made him a threat to the new order, which put a target squarely on his back.

America breathed a huge sigh of relief in January of 2017, having survived the best efforts of Barack Obama to "fundamentally transform" our Constitutional Republic into an ugly reflection of third-world tinhorn dictatorships. But that sigh of relief turned out to be premature. Although President Donald Trump was now at the helm, he underestimated the degree to which Obama had infected every high-level agency of the United States Government with his treacherous minions. Suddenly, every office of security and law enforcement began acting in treasonous subversion of Trump as the commander-in-chief.

General Flynn, being true to his oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic," was in a prime position to root out the leftist/Globalist monster. So of course it had to employ every detestable means to crush him. And Obama's previous total weaponization of "law enforcement" provided the vast arsenal they desired.

This level of injustice is always painful to witness, which made parts of the movie difficult to watch. Specifically, it was excruciating to see Flynn's family, so abundant with the goodness and decency that are bedrock principles of a flourishing American culture, being subjected to such malignant efforts at its destruction. The goal of the Deep State was to use their very love and loyalty to one another as a weapon against them. No attack was too underhanded or despicable for the Obama plants in the DOJ and FBI to resort to them.

The ugly details at times brought General Flynn and the other principals involved to the point of profanity as they recounted their ordeal. However, without knowing those details, we would be far more vulnerable to the unconscionable criminal acts being committed by those who seek to wrest America from us. So he held nothing back in exposing them for who and what they are. It is more difficult for an informed population to be overtaken and controlled by aspiring despots. And that is why it is essential that Americans watch this movie and share its truths.

From James Clapper, Obama's Director of National Intelligence, to CIA director John Brennan, to FBI chief James Comey, the key players in this attack on General Flynn and his family (which ultimately means all of us), read as a veritable "who's who" of Obama lackeys. Emmet Sullivan, senior "judge" of the United Stated District Court of Washington D.C. revealed himself to be a disgrace to his position, biased and malicious to the point that he should also face criminal charges for his agenda driven abuses of power.

Their web of deceit and power manipulations, along with so many other moles in the system, might become hard to follow. But the movie's producers employed extremely effective visuals in which the different operatives were depicted on playing cards, laid out on a table as their coordinated attacks were revealed and explained. This made their network of high level criminality easier to grasp and follow. By the movie's end, the viewer has a keen understanding of the eminent danger facing our once great America.

The movie "Flynn" puts to rest any question of whether or not "We the People" are under attack. And we need unshakable warriors to stand up to it. God has a way of sending the right people at the right time, and General Flynn is just such a man.


Christopher Adamo and his wife Thea Adamo are Christian Patriots from the American Heartland. They have been involved in ministry and Christian-based political causes for many years.

Chris writes weekly commentaries that appear on several websites, and is the author of the book "Rules for Defeating Radicals/Countering the Alinsky Strategy In Politics And Culture." It is available at Amazon:

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