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Ghostly Encounters in Baton Rouge

Whether or not ghosts exist is up for debate. Still, an occurrence at an automotive shop on Sherwood Forest and Chocktaw in Baton Rouge Louisiana sure had what could only be interpreted as an odd event.

We got a call today from an automotive repair shop in Baton Rouge, saying, I need you to look at these 2 videos from today. "I think we have a ghost" So the shop owner showed us his camera footage, whereby we watched what could only be explained as a jack acting on its own.

The video footage below shows the camera footage from inside the shop, where the encounter occurred. The jack handle is violently moving back and forth banging on the front end of the car. It was noticed because of the tapping noise it was making hitting the front end of the car. Shop owner Tim looked out saw it and called one of the men in the shop to see what was happening. Watch the video below.

The shop owner replayed the camera in the first video, shocked about what was happening. And even more in dismay at the fact that it stopped when one of the guys in the shop walked over to see what the heck was going on.

There is something strange happening under the hood at this Automotive shop.

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