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God Has a Plan

Imagine for a moment, you or your loved one are pregnant. You go to the doctor, and the doctor tells you in no uncertain terms, the baby you are carrying has Down's Syndrome and that the life you are about to bring into the world would never function as an adult, and would essentially be in a permanent vegetative state. You and your husband pray to God over it and decide that having this child was the right thing to do.

Out of all the stories we have heard, the story of Evangelist Bristol Ray Smith is the most touching to our hearts, and we are thrilled to share it with you.

Bristol Ray Smith was born in 97 in Tennessee. Being diagnosed before birth as having Downs Syndrome, his parents were surprised that this beautiful child did not have the diagnosis. However, there were some complications, he was unable to speak until he was six years old. As you can imagine, those formative years of not being able to speak affected his ability to communicate properly, as he had an extreme speech impediment.

Life was rough for this "country boy." He was bullied through middle school and it continued into High School. Kids in public schools are not the most polite, especially when someone is different. Bristol took to imbibing alcohol, which would have some serious negative consequences later in life, but you must keep reading to find out the rest.

At age 15, Bristol sat down in his bathtub and while enjoying his warm bubbles, he had a grand mal seizure and almost died. His mother described that scene as him being blue due to a lack of oxygen. That was when God called him to preach. He said it was as though God ordered him to.

Bristol had decided he was in charge of his own path, and that God was wrong for asking him to convey his message went on his way. He even justified his decision by asking a few family members, who said that he could never preach due to his impediment.

Bad decision after bad decision followed him for several years. He was married then divorced, then married again. Still drinking heavily, in 2020 he had totaled 5 cars. The 5th car was a rental due to him ruining the car before. Needless to say, after this, he was unable to qualify for auto insurance.

Also of great significance, the fifth and final accident, in the car was his wife and young son. This was weighing heavily on him. In a moment of bravery, he decided to take a bath, the same type of place that almost took his life a few years back. While in the bathtub, he heard Gods voice once again..."Do what I ask of you or I am going to take you out of here.'

Frightened, he went to his wife who just about heard the exact same thing. It was at this point in his life that Bristol decided he was not going to fight God anymore. Frightened but determined, Bristol went onto Facebook live to preach.

Within 3 months, Bristol was so eloquent in his words as a preacher, he became pastor of a local church. Then as miraculous as his change was, an insurance company decided that they would insure him. Restoring his ability to legally drive.

He has since published two books and is working at his church as an evangelist, and the head of security. He has not turned back and looks forward to the future.

His book The Power of Positivity describes, "What is positivity? How does positivity define us? What can we learn from our past experiences? Get all this and more through a psychological analysis of Christianity and an explanation of why we should and always should remain positive."

Battlefield describes, "the beautiful country that we no longer recognize. A land that at one time was a beacon on a hill for all countries to admire but because of liberal policies, and the lack of church involvement, we now have a broken America. In this book, he will discuss how to save this nation with Faith, Courage, and our Bibles. This isn’t the time to be politically correct, it is time to be Biblically correct! I truly hope you will apply this book to your life and help lead people to Christ!"

In his Book the Benefits of God, he gives his readers the tools they need to reap the benefits of God. It is based on a sermon he preached in 2021.

Evangelist Bristol Smith has one of the most awe-inspiring stories of a lifetime. If you would like to know more he can be found on Twitter @Evangelist Bristol Smith. or watch him on Rumble Evangelist Bristol Smith

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