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Good Info is Mis Info

Backed by billionaires the alleged news information site claiming to dispel myths about the media has its own news organization called Good Information. Its mission statement claims, "The Good Information Foundation will build a network of local freelance editors, reporters, content producers, and community organizers committed to producing and distributing factual, value-driven news and content to the communities in which they live. The Good Information Foundation will compensate them to publish their original reporting online and offer the content free of charge to any global, national, state, or local news organizations looking to bolster their reporting capacity and coverage within those communities and geographies."

Who funds and runs this organization? As reported by Axios, "Good Information is launching with a multi-million seed investment led by Hoffman and joined by investors Ken and Jen Duda, Incite, and George Soros."

However, it is listed as a foreign entity according to public records.

Running the show at Good Info, are a group of progressive journalists.

The individuals running the show make it appear as though former President Obama has his own news agency. No fewer than three individuals working in this Good Info have worked for the Obama Administration.

Ironically, aside from their progressive style of journalism, they do not support the 1st Amendment.

Non-Profit funded by Soros, staffed with Obama administration employees promoting progressive propaganda, working to restrict people's freedom of speech, are the same group alleging an unarmed insurrection on January 6th was a valid attempt to "overthrow the government".

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