Guns for Me and None for Thee Glorifying Violence

Hollywood, the music industry and recently the gaming industry are shaping the culture of America.  From depicting fashion trends to cognitive processes, they are the bearers of the cultural norm.  The same industries that seek to shape the culture and perceptive reality of it's viewers intent on glorifying hero's or villain's is the same industry that seeks to shut down the American right to own guns.  The second Amendment.

The 2nd Amendment as defined is, "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."  Yet Hollywood which treats violence as a casual encounter, would have you believe that the very ideology they write their scripts from, should somehow be restricted.  

Hollywood has long depicted the underdog as a righteous symbol to admire.  From John Wayne to Clint Eastwood.  A good guy armed with a gun brings justice for all.  Something Americans strive for.  Saving people from bank robbers, or terrorism, the same ideal prevails.  Good prevails over evil.  The symbolism exists everywhere in classical movies.  

The Marvel Character Tony Stark, aka Iron Man had not only armor, but a weapon with which to destroy the bad guy.  The Washington Post ran an article about the Greatest gun-toting movie action heroes.  Listing Dirty Harry, Rambo, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Jack Ryan and others.  Giving the viewer, had the good guy not had a gun, the outcome would have been significantly different.  

Good guys carry guns, yet the purveyors of violence, on a Hollywood set despite the movies they produce ever increasing in violent acts for the fun, are seeking to use their influence to push regulations calling on the restriction of Americans to obtain guns legally.   Fast Guard Security Service reported that, celebrities at the 2018 Academy Awards show demanded security, while "wearing orange American flag pins at the 2018 Academy Awards to promote gun control but certainly didn’t call attention to the fact that there were over 500 armed police officers along with hundreds of armed private bodyguards surrounding them so they could feel safe while making this statement."

This begs the question, in an industry that portrays, villain's as good guys, hit-men as hero's and seeks to change the perception of what is normal, why would they be against the second amendment?  Its the equivalent of eating food in front of a starving person and telling them there is no food for them.  Does Hollywood believe they are better than the citizens they perform for?  Do they believe their relevance in portraying others is somehow more important than the people who pay to see them perform.  These are pertinent questions that need to be addressed.  

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