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Has Bill Palmer Gone too far?

Sue Lynn and Lynn

With 417K followers on Twitter, one would think Bill Palmer is a political genius. However, after his post this morning, one would question his judgment. Bill Palmer went on a liberal disinformation campaign without knowledge, foresight, or consideration of the group of people he was referring to.

Bill Palmer who has his Twitter account set up as his personal echo chamber by limiting dissenting replies has accused people who do not advocate for a vaccine mandate as domestic terrorists.

A domestic terrorist is defined as, a person who commits terrorist acts in their own country against their fellow citizens. Making Palmer's statement a gross mislabeling of the term terrorist.

On his Twitter account, Palmer went on to prognosticate about what polling would find. "This is one of these takes where even some folks on my own side think I’ve gone too far, and the folks on the other side are calling me unhinged, but a week from now polling will show that most Americans agree with me." He also spelled out bluntly, that those who disagreed with him were having a psychotic meltdown.

Regardless if an individual agrees with mandates-or any other point of individual liberty-where is the line drawn in labeling those who disagree terrorists?

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1 Comment

Oct 11, 2021

I know the Anti Vaxxer's have had about enough of this bullshit.

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