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Impeachment Update - Breaking

The House of Representatives has recently voted to continue their clandestine meetings to garner more information on the alleged laws the President of the United States may have possibly broken. They have decided to dismiss the allegations of the whistle-blower due in part to the ranking house member Adam Schiff having lied to the committee regarding his collaborations with the whistleblower who has been identified by Real Clear Investigations journalist Paul Sperry as Eric Ciaramella. Ciaramella, an Obama leftover who was removed from the White House for allegedly leaking information, and was an NSA operative appointed by John Brennan.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has stated publicly that “We have not made any decisions on if the president will be impeached.” However, the House of Representatives has already made up their minds along party lines. Leaving in the balance the fate of the Democrat House members who despite winning in a Trump majority district are in favor of impeachment Hearings.

The following list is the names and districts of the 31 House of Representatives who won in Trump's strongholds. This list was obtained on Sean Hannity's show on Fox News.

Susie Lee NV 03

Andy Kim NJ 03

Max Rose NY 11

Ron Kind WI 03

These House representatives are not fully representative of the entire House. However, all but two Democrat's of the House voted to continue with the investigations. Even if the above Democrats abstained from voting, the House would still have a majority enabling them to begin with impeachment proceedings.

No Republicans supported this.

Where do you stand on the impeachment proceedings?

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Bill Goldsby
Bill Goldsby

It's time for Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi to be charged with Treason during War Time. They are doing nothing more than wasting hard earned taxpayers money on endless investigations that all end up with the same results, President Trump doing no wrong!

Maybe if we were to charge the DNC with all the investigation costs, since it seems they are the only ones being allowed access to the information and witnesses. If the money was coming out of their pockets, maybe they wouldn't be so apt to continue to dig a hole to no where.


Jack Pettit
Jack Pettit

Adam Schiff made thousands of false claims on every media network, talk show, and leftist propaganda site imaginable that he had evidence of Trump Russia collusion, more evidence of Russia collusion, tangible proof of Russia collusion, intangible proof of Russia collusion and other variations of his serial lying fest for three years. Now he is running a secret Kangaroo Court targeting the President and his first official act is to lie about previous contacts with DNC CIA operatives posing as whistle Blowers. Democrats have gone stark raving mad.

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