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Interview with Former W.Virginia Congressman Evans, Post J/6 Plea

West Virginia House member Derrick Evans was sentenced to 90 days in a Michigan Jail for protesting at the State Capitol on January 6th. WECU saw his video on Truth Social and reached out for an interview.

His crime was trespassing. Evans released the video below of his encounter at the Capitol where he neither damaged property nor hurt a single person. It is important to note that Mr. Evans has no criminal record.

The above video was released by Evans to show what had transpired at the Capitol on 1/6, to dispute the media narrative of an insurrection. There was some chanting and loud comments, however, according to his released video there was no destructive behavior on behalf of those inside the capitol building.

Here are the facts: Evans went into the capital while filming on FaceBook Live. Like thousands of Americans, he disputed the election results. He greeted other protesters, with a "fistbump" said a few thing and left the capitol. He saw people who were being roudy and told them loudly, "no destruction of property, no vandalizing" as he was walking thru. He greeted a police officer and told him, "we support you". His actions and words were nothing close to what the prosecution was claiming about him leading the group and cheering on rioters. He yelled out "freedom" a few times and left.

At one point he did delete some video believing that it could be used against him should he ever have to go to court. He was arrested two days after the protest, and was asked to step down from his position. He did so.

While the media portrayed the events as deadly, and accused the protesters of killing officer Brian Sicknick a capitol police officer by striking him in the head, with a fire extinguisher, the media rushed to judgement, formed a divisive narrative and led the world to believe an insurrection took place. The facts about Sicknick during the autopsy revealed that he died of natural causes. "The autopsy revealed that Sicknick, 42, said the strokes at the base of the brain stem were caused by a blood clot, Chief Medical Examiner Francisco Diaz said."

It is important to note, while Evans did not engage in any violent activity other than speaking loudly, he was going to be charged with 18 U.S.C. 1752 (a)(1) knowingly entering a restricted building as well as 40 U.S.C. 5104(e)(2) acts of physical violence. To read the full complaint click here. Evans decided that if the trial went to a DC jury, he would be looking at more than 20 years in prison, so taking a pleading guilty to lesser charges would be the best interest for him and his family. He plead guilty to one count of obstructing, impedeing or interfering with law enforcement, engaged in their duties during a civil disorder. Which is a felony charge with a maximum sentence of 5 years with a maximum fine of $250,000.

According to Evans, "Judge Lamberth has been getting pressure on him from the media to give harsh sentencing to those who participated in the January 6 event." An event whereby people believed so strongly that the election was stolen from them they felt compelled to be at the center of it. By their heart, they felt the absolute need to try to make their voices be heard by those very law-makers that were going to certify the results of a fraudlent election.

Despite the lack of violence, arson or vandalism, the J6 protesters were treated much more harshly by the media and the DOJ than the BLM and Antifa rioters; who also attacked federal buildings and police officers in the summer of 2020.

Evans will be serving his 90-day sentence in Milan, Michigan which is 6 hours from his home in West Virginia. where his wife and 4 children live. Two daughters 6 and 5 years old and two sons 3 and one. "I am very concerned about my wife being a single parent while I am in jail."

Evans said "he will be spending his time in jail, reading his bible, studying the constitution, and in prayer." Despite the extreme financial hardship this has placed on his family, he is hoping to get back to a normal life after his sentence is fulfilled.

We asked Evans about his future plans after he finishes his prison sentence. He said, "I am thinking of writing a book about the incident, and maybe run for Senate in West Virginia."

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