Iran Threatens Nuclear Conflict

On July 3rd America was preparing for its Independence Day celebration.  The press anxiously awaiting another opportunity to demean the Trump administration, while patriotic American citizens prepared their homes for the festivities.  

Across the world however, Iran threatened the United States with this statement. "If you don't operate [according to] the programme and timeframe of all the commitments you've given us, we will return the Arak reactor to its previous condition," President Hassan Rouhani warned signatories on Wednesday.  Referring to the JCPOA or P5+1 agreement President Trump pulled the United States out of in May of 2018.  

"Meaning the condition that you say is dangerous and can produce plutonium," he said, referring to a key component of a nuclear weapon.

"We will return to that unless you take action regarding all your commitments regarding Arak." Rouhani went on to say, "On July 7, our enrichment level will no longer be 3.67 percent. We will put aside this commitment. We will increase beyond 3.67 percent to as much as we want - as much as is necessary, as much as we need."  Indicating that they would be seeking to restore their nuclear program and made no qualms with respect to threatening the United States and Europe about their nuclear ambitions.  

President Hassan Rouhani's adviser,  Hesamodin Ashena threatened President Trumps presidency stating,  "We have unseated an American president in the past, we can do it again," he tweeted, referring to Jimmy Carter whose bid for a second term was marred by the Iran hostage crisis in 1980."  

Al Jazeera is reporting that Rouhani is urging Europe and the United States to return to negotiating, however, It has been reported that despite Iran claiming it was fulfilling their end of the agreement, evidence has been presented that makes their claims false.


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