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Is Anyone Genuinely Surprised By Biden's Mental Implosion?

If we are to believe leftist Fake News, Democrats across America are shocked; shocked to find out that a qualified source is expressing serious doubts as to the mental competency of Joe Biden. In truth, anyone in 2024 with the least doubt that Ol' Joe is suffering debilitating dementia, and has long been thoroughly unfit to act as the Nation's Chief Executive, shows their own signs of gross mental incompetence and delusional political bias. The same must be said of those who believe he ever actually had the slightest input on any major policy decision since his sham inauguration in 2021.

From the earliest days of his equally sham 2020 presidential campaign, Biden's irrational and confused state of mind was abundantly evident. Often excessively agitated, he misspoke to a degree that revealed severely deteriorating mental faculties. But given the blatant fraud and duplicity of leftist Fake News which we have witnessed for several decades now, it was no surprise that they would maintain the ruse, regardless of how thoroughly they discredit themselves in the process. Though once the sole realm of third world propaganda machines, such disgraceful behavior is no longer beneath the American press.

Though much past evidence of Biden's failing faculties has been buried deep and even destroyed, a few telling insights remain. In a September 29, 2020 commentary from "Psychology Today," Biden's mental state is discussed in significant detail. And although the author stops short of declaring Biden mentally unfit, several telling examples are cited, which show that his condition had already severely deteriorated from mere misquotes and gaffes. Moreover, a matter of this nature would never have been addressed in this depth by such a publication, were Biden's obvious mental dysfunctions not becoming inescapably obvious.

As early as the spring of 2020, some openly speculated that Biden would not make it to that year's Democrat National Convention, and would be supplanted as quietly as possible by a mentally functional candidate. Eventually of course, these predictions proved wrong. Somehow, Biden not only became the Democrat candidate, but went on to be declared the forty fifth "president" of the United States. Yet even that didn't result from any uptick in his condition, but from the total shamelessness with which the entire Democrat/Fake News axis could look the American people in the eye and claim "nothing to see here." That, along with the vast web of corruption, vote switching, stuffed ballot boxes, and other cheating was the means by which the 2020 Election was ultimately stolen from President Trump.

Once in office Biden proved, to nobody's surprise, to be a dangerous liability not only to Democrat political gamesmanship, but to the every existence of the Country itself. Aside from briefly being ceremoniously put on stage, he was kept away from any regular interaction with the public. "News Conferences" were long in coming, with questions and answers obviously scripted. Even then, he often went blank, wandering off into meaningless gibberish, looking around in total confusion.

The real powers were regularly forced to do major damage control, issuing statements in the aftermath of such meltdowns absurdly claiming that "the White House" was "clarifying" his ramblings and other verbal mutilations. Just who exactly was "the White House," and by what authority it/they could countermand the supposed Chief Executive of the United States, nobody knows. And so the ruse continues.

Along the way, several situations stand out as significant reminders of just how badly Biden is doing. Decent Americans were stunned when, right in front of the cameras, he momentarily lost awareness of his situation and slipped back into "old creep" mode, openly obsessing over a very young girl in the audience and the manner in which she crossed her legs.

On another occasion, he confirmed suspicions that he was being force-fed words and sentences through some sort of earpiece when he walked past a Marine who was standing guard, and still looking straight ahead, spoke the words to nobody "Turn right and salute." Having been trained to recite what was being given to him, he responded in that manner instead of following what was obviously intended as a prompt. And who can forget the occasion when an audience member unexpectedly shouted "Let's Go Brandon!" (referencing an obscene epithet rejecting him as president) only to have Biden repeat the phrase with total detachment.

Of course, this has been the consistent pattern since he took up residency in the White House. Few if any of his public appearances have ever been completed without some sort of glaring lapse, typically deteriorating into blind stares, unintelligible mumbling and confusion as to where he is, and what he is supposed to be doing. Still, with almost equally blank stares, the leftist Fake News crowd moves past all of it as if nothing unusual happened.

Now, after the recent release of a report from DOJ Special Counsel Robert Hur, explaining that Biden is not mentally competent to stand trial for flagrant mishandling of classified documents, the entire Democrat/Media axis is in an uproar. Interestingly, the report was intended to be exculpatory. Nevertheless, many on both sides of the aisle are discussing Biden's mental state with a newfound candor. And of course the response from the "White House" is one of righteous outrage. In a recent statement, Ol' Joe insists he's fine, except that he lost his place and became totally confused while issuing it.

Nevertheless, all of the theatrics and indignation cannot make the American people "unsee" the spectacle they've had to endure for four years and counting. Biden's entire "presidency" has been a lie. Those political players who treated it as legitimate, regardless of which side of the aisle they claim, have been willing participants in the lie. And to no less a degree, the current contrived media "surprise" at the prospect of his mental unfitness is perhaps the biggest lie of all. Nobody can doubt that, had President Trump or any major Conservative political figure ever shown the slightest similar tendency on even a single occasion, it would thereafter have been at the forefront of the news cycle.

Everyone knows Ol' Joe isn't in charge, and has never been in charge. No thinking American, regardless of party affiliation, would be able to sleep a wink if they believed for one moment that he actually had his finger on the Nuclear button. What Biden really needs at this point is sympathy as a debilitated senior, despite having been a despicable character for his entire life. His current treatment by his puppet masters, who prod him to keep up the facade at all costs, is nothing short of elder abuse.

            It's long past time to shut down this lie, and to hold every complicit liar accountable!


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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