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Is Mueller Special Counsel About to be Shut Down?

It is appearing to be the most unlikely case of injustice in America today.  As was discovered from DOJ official Bruce Ohr's testimony.  In 2016 Steel dossier author Christopher Steel shared intelligence with the people currently working on Muller special counsel team.  

According to Catherine Herrridge of Fox news, "Details about Justice Department official Bruce Ohr's meetings with the author of the salacious anti-Trump dossier were shared by Ohr with his expansive circle of contacts inside the department -- including senior FBI leadership and officials now assigned to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation." 

People in Mueller special counsel team who were briefed prior to the opening of the FISA warrant and employed within the special counsel team are:  Bruce Swartz, Zainab Ahmad, Andrew Weissmann.  They are still currently on the special counsel team, which begs the question, what kind of team is Mueller running with?

Ohr in his testimony, specifically cautioned the FBI that the dossier was unverified, and that the Steel dossier was opposition research conducted on behalf of the Clinton campaign and may be biased. reported from John Solomon of the Hill, "A redacted version of the FISA application released last year shows the FBI did not mention any connection to the DNC or Clinton. Rather, it referred to Steele as a reliable source in past criminal investigations who was hired by a person working for a U.S. law firm to conduct research on Trump and Russia."

 Zainab Ahmad, according to his online bio, worked at the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Eastern District of New York and took a leave to work for then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the Justice Department’s Washington headquarters. 

“So when I provided it to the FBI, I tried to be clear that this is source information. I don’t know how reliable it is. You’re going to have to check it out and be aware. These guys were hired by somebody relating to – who’s related to the Clinton campaign, and be aware.”

Ohr continued, “I wanted them to be aware of any possible bias, or you know, as they evaluate the information, they need to know the circumstances.”

He went on, “I provided information to the FBI when I thought Christopher Steele was, as I said, desperate that Trump not be elected. So yes, of course, I provided that to the FBI.”

Ohr then was asked: “Were the Department of Justice and the FBI also aware of Glenn Simpson’s bias against Donald Trump?” Glenn Simpson is the co-founder of Fusion GPS. Ohr’s wife, Nellie, worked for Simpson.

Ohr stated: “I certainly told the FBI that Fusion GPS was working with – doing opposition research on Donald Trump.”

Ohr's testimony debunks the claim Adam Schiff (D) California made, claiming  contacts with the FBI only began “weeks after the election and more than a month after the Court approved the initial FISA application.” Making it clear that Ohr had been talking to the FBI well before the FISA warrant or election had occurred. 

All of this begs the question, if Mueller hired his team knowing they had received information on the Steel dossier knowing the information was unreliable, prior to serving on the special counsel is a direct conflict of interest.  Why is Mueller having them serve on the special counsel.  Isn't the special counsel job to independently verify if there was Russian interference in the campaign?  Or is Mueller team set on one specific goal to ultimately frame the President of the United States based on a dossier provided by Russian sources.  

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