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It's A No-Brainer... The Biden "Plausible Deniability" Doctrine!

On Thursday, February 8th, 2022, Joe Biden was officially outed by Special Counsel Robert Hur, a prosecutor from within his own Justice Department, in what can inarguably be characterized as a Comey 2.0 blistering 388-page report that bore the DOJ's imprimatur, in what can ostensibly be summed up in two parts: 

Part 1- As a humiliating and devastating indictment of Biden's impaired and rapidly deteriorating cognitive state. No doubt, the worst day of his Presidency, confirming that prevailing gut-wrenching sense of trepidation and every major concern and fear that voters have had over his mental infirmity… of course, much to the consternation of the Democrat Party, who have quite literally bent over backward, twisted themselves into a pretzel, and gotten their knickers in a knot whilst doing everything in their malign power to prop up and whitewash Biden's non-compos mentis.


Part 2– As a scathing, incongruent, oxymoronic Deep State dispensation, a pardon of Joe Biden, if you will —(a man who is one of the most morally bankrupt, corrupt, deceitful, and decrepit living human beings on the face of the planet and member of its cabal)— for his "WILLFUL" theft of Classified Documents based on a "diminished capacity" defense, despite the fact that said crimes against the United States, stretching as far back as 1974, were, and not to put too fine a point on it, committed when Biden's neurons weren't short-circuiting… when his brain could actually pick up a signal, process, and transmit information, even though, his colleagues on the Hill, appropriately nicknamed him the Dim-Bulb-of-DC, but that's stupidity, not senility; he was never what one would call an intellectual Zeus by any stretch of the imagination... they say that everyone has a photographic memory; it's just that some are low on, or, rather, in Biden's case, completely out of film.

Robert Hur was tapped as the Special Counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland to probe Joe Biden's mishandling, or, rather, theft and misuse of Classified Documents in what was a year-long investigation that uncovered Biden's extensive collection of Classified Documents, including documents marked TSCI or Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information, dating back to his freshman days in the Senate. TSCI Documents that, by the way, not only pertained to Afghanistan, Ukraine, China, etc., but that were found strewn in tattered boxes behind not only Biden's prized "green" gas-guzzling Corvette in a dirty, unkempt, and unsecured garage but that were, in fact, also stashed in more than half a dozen or so other locations that we know of, across several states from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, to Pennsylvania and Washington, DC., and God and Merrick Garland only knows where else.

The Special Counsel's team contended that Hur had to include details of Biden's "significant" cognitive state of decline in his report because, or at least, according to them, such considerations were crucial in determining whether or not to charge and prosecute Biden for the sort of felony crimes he, as Hur stated "WILLFULLY" committed when his mind was sharp as a tack; although, that might be a bit of an overstatement, implying intelligence… you know, giving the Dim-Bulb-of-DC a little too much intellectual credit… needless to say, crimes that any other person would have been charged with if they weren't a Biden, a Clinton, an Obama, and didn't have a D in front of their name… So much for following the facts without "favor."

I mean, if you ask me, anyone, everyone, including their uncle and parrot, who are currently under suspicion, investigation, awaiting charges, and/or possible criminal prosecution for the felony theft and misuse of Classified Documents, should, in my humble opinion, introduce their heads to a brick wall and then claim amnesia, you know, under the Joe, the Big Guy, Biden "Plausible Deniability Doctrine," defense clause precedent.

Needless to say, as soon as the Hur Report dropped, anti-American Democrat ideologues in the media and D.C., immediately began hyperventilating and spinning out, frantically attempting to frame and peddle Hur's scathing report as some sort of "exoneration" of Joe Biden when, of course, it was anything and everything but that… indeed, using Hur's declination to charge and prosecute Biden as their whole premise or justification behind their "exoneration" claim, while simultaneously deliberately whitewashing the reports devastating statements that "Biden's memory was 'significantly limited'," in other words a polite euphemism for "undetectable brainwaves," and therefore, Biden would not be charged and prosecuted for a "felony that requires a mental state of willfulness," as, according to Hur, Biden's attorneys would surely emphasize his cognitive decline as a defense, despite Hur's myriad of blistering statements affirming that Biden "WILLFULLY retained and disclosed classified information, which risked serious damage to America's National Security."

According to Hur, Biden "did not remember when he was vice president. forgetting on the first day of the interview when his term ended." Going on to reveal that Biden couldn't even remember, within several years, when his son Beau died. – Despite the fact that Biden never seems to pass up on a political opportunity to exploit his son's death to garner sympathy… You know, the Democrat's mantra, never let a crisis go to waste, and all that not-good political Machiavellianism stuff… gotta score those political points, don't ya know! 

Of course, the predictable "Whataboutism" excuse the Biden Administration for Biden's criminal, you got caught, faux pas was that "All former Vice Presidents and Presidents have taken home classified material…" despite their previous, overwrought and rather hysterical claims to the contrary when the Classified Documents spotlight was squarely and exclusively on President Trump… of course, and not unexpectedly, completely ignoring and shrugging off the evidence Robert Hur disclosed in his report, affirming that Joe Biden, while serving as a U.S. Senator, had not only been willfully and unlawfully taking Classified Documents since 1974, over the last 50-years but that in doing so, he put our National Security at risk… without question, a prosecutable and imprisonable treasonous crime by anyone else or by any other standard regardless of one's mental acuity… curious, is forgetfulness now the new "insanity defense?" 

To be sure, and make no mistake about it, despite whatever tall tales Democrats and their sycophantic stenographers in the left-wing media spin in order to insulate and protect Biden, Hur's Report was not and is not, by any stretch of even the wildest imagination, a vindication of Biden's guilt, but moreover, what it is, is a "rules for thee, not for me" sort of "get-out-of-jail-free card" pardon in what is:

1) A statement-of-fact that Joe Biden is guilty of crimes but A) is not competent to stand trial and B) is too incompetent to serve as the President of the United States.

2) A profoundly strong case for the invocation of the 25th Amendment.


3) A serpentine way of conceding that, despite Joe Biden's obvious cognitive impairment and criminal misconduct, he is too well connected to too many corrupt elements within our government to face charges for putting our country in serious peril over the last five decades, because, of course, you know, hint hint, nudge nudge, if he goes down, they all go down! 

And there you have it; we now know with absolute certainty that the man who vowed to restore dignity, morals, and ethics to government —(as if that ever existed in an institution that is rife with power-driven narcissists and psychopaths, formally referred to as career politicians.)— has spent the better part of the last three or so years not only in willful dereliction of his duties and Oath of Office, but has also spent the better part of the previous five decades stealing Classified Documents, selling out America to the highest bidder for personal profit, and then lying about and excusing away his laundry list of crimes under the Biden Crime Family "Plausible Deniability" defense doctrine. 

Without question, Joe Biden never seems to take personal responsibility for any of his own wrongdoings but instead, as everyone has come to expect, opts for the coward's way out by feigning ignorance, denying, dismissing, deflecting, and when all else fails, deriding, and projecting culpability and guilt for his own misconduct onto President Trump, as he, propped up by an amalgamation of his surrogates in the media and the Democrat Party, which includes Establishment politicians, Cultural Marxist activists, and left-wing bureaucrats and sycophants embedded in all our government agencies and institutions, simultaneously wages a contrived shadow campaign of political lawfare, collusion, and coercion, not to mention the exploitation of U.S. intel and our intelligence agencies, in addition to the manipulation of our Constitution, and the weaponization of our judicial system against President Trump, who, if you haven't already figured out by now, is Joe Biden's arch enemy, his nemesis, and the man, an America first patriot, who was and is currently not only threatening the Establishment Deep State's grip on power but also "undoing their ideological Marxist agenda." —In other words, the Democrats worst nightmare.

Indeed, over the last three plus years of the Democrats' crystallizing, Castro-Chavez-like tyranny, Joe Biden's lapdog and wingman, Attorney General Merrick Garland, along with Establishment politicians, bureaucrats in our three letter agencies, activist prosecutors and judges in our judiciary, and the Left-wing media, who are all, it seems, deeply drawn and inured to the high of absolute power and all it's whistles and bells, benefits, and trimmings, have and much to their chagrin, boxed themselves into a corner as it pertains to "Vice President" Joe Biden's theft and unlawful retention of President Obama's Classified Presidential Documents, particularly after they overplayed their hand in what was not only a heavy-handed, egregious, unjustified, and unprecedented raid on former President Trump's Mar-A-Lago home on August 8th, 2022, in violation of his 4th Amendment Rights, but in what has since been confirmed to be, as evidenced by documents obtained by America First Legal (AFL), from the National Archives (NARA), through a Freedom of Information Request, or FOIA request, a politically motivated and coordinated entrapment scheme, an insidious hitjob that was leveled against President Trump by Merrick Garland, his Department of Justice, the FBI, the National Archives (NARA), and last but certainly not least, Joe Biden, the impetus behind the events that led to the FBI's despicable, guns-a-blazing staged raid on President Trump's home, in what can only be described as a immoral wicked specious bid to frame, criminalize, prosecute, and imprison Trump, an otherwise innocent man, in order to prevent him from ever seeking, running for, and/or holding elected office again. 

Of course, the irrefutable confirmation and disclosure of Joe Biden's involvement in the orchestrated Deep State raid on Trump's home came as no great surprise to the vast majority of Republicans, Constitutional Conservatives, and Libertarians, but rather, in point of fact, it was or is in line with what most of us had already strongly suspected, or in my personal view, wholeheartedly believed was, in fact, the case from the get-go, despite Biden, his Administration, including Merrick Garland, the DOJ, and the National Archive's vehement denials and contrived lies, feigning ignorance, claiming to have had absolutely no involvement in or foreknowledge of the raid on Mar-A-Lago, sounding off, saying things, like, for example, it was "stunning," claiming to be "shocked" by what had happened. But, of course, we all know that Joe Biden and his henchmen's pretenses were nothing but a smokescreen, lies cut from whole cloth that were cleverly crafted and then propagated over the airwaves by a more than willing media in a deliberate effort to not only hoodwink the American people into believing Biden's absurd fallacy that Trump was or is somehow a treasonous criminal traitor to America and a threat to Democracy but also to dissuade any suspicions and notions, or, rather, truths arising from Joe Biden's dissimulative betrayal of our nation and acts of political retribution and lawfare that he has waged against President Trump that, you know, might otherwise lead people to believe that he, as in Joe Biden, is, in fact, an unscrupulous dictator, which, of course, he is.

Indeed, for not only weeks and months but ostensibly, now years, the Democrats have been pounding the pavement, screaming and screeching, and pushing the narrative that the removal, possession, retention, and/or, in their subjective opinion of what constitutes the mishandling of presidential documents by a former President, more specifically and selectively, by former President Trump, were all crimes worthy of the death penalty… indeed, as some Cultural Marxist left-wingers even opined, President "Trump should be expeditiously executed by firing squad" for what is now, in fact, a debunked, despicable, bald-faced contrived left-wing LIE concocted to dupe the public into believing that Trump sold nuclear secrets to our adversaries, which of course he didn't, and couldn't have possibly done because, you see, our Nuclear Secrets & Codes are NOT written on paper documents and stored in cardboard boxes; no, no, no, they are, in fact, held on a highly secure, sophisticated, and encrypted system at the NSA, but let's not let facts get in the way of the Democrats lies and agenda, shall we not!

Needless to say, and as a matter of predictable course, or at least as it pertains to Democrats, the whole "Nuclear Codes Hoax" was and is nothing but an explosive lie, pun intended, that Biden, Establishment politicians, and the left-wing media fabricated, disseminated, and still circulate because they want Trump indicted, imprisoned, fried in the electric chair, and/or assassinated. To be sure, they will stop at nothing and do whatever it takes to takedown, takeout, and bar President Trump from ever holding future office, regardless of the "Presidential Records Act," irrespective of his Article II Presidential Powers, that not only gave him the awesome plenary authority to command the military, appoint judges and members of the Executive Branch, veto bills, pardon the convicted, and, among other Presidential Powers, respectively, classify and/or declassify records, material, and documents, as reaffirmed in a unanimous 1988 U.S. Supreme Court decision in the case, Department of the Navy v. Egan, ruling that a President, former or current, has, by Law, the absolute Constitutional right and authority to not only declassify and/or classify whatever material, from his Administration, that he sees fit to, but also to handle and store said material however and wherever he wants, which is why in the case, Judicial Watch, Inc. v. Nat'l Archives & Records Admin., the court ruled in favor of former President Bill Clinton with respect to his removal, possession, and/or "mishandling" of 8 years worth of "TSCI Classified Audio Recordings" that he, at the end of his tenure, on his way out the door, took and stored in his sock drawer… indeed, not unlike former President Donald Trump's paper documents. The only difference here is that Clinton is a Democrat, and Trump is a Republican.

That said, after all of the Democrats and the left-wing media's ranting and railing against the aforementioned laws, statutes, Constitutional provisions, and court rulings pertaining to and protecting President Trump, they suddenly seem to be marching to the beat of an entirely different tune, especially now that the ball has dropped, the shoe is on the other foot, and Karma has come to pay Joe Biden a little visit in the name of Special Counsel Robert Hur and in the form of his 388-page blistering exposé detailing over five-decades of Biden's theft and misappropriation of classified documents. 

Nevertheless, in proffering the "rules for thee, not for me" get out of jail free card, the Left's standards for what constitutes a crime has once again shifted and now basically boils down to "whatever Biden supposedly didn't do that Trump did do." —or, at least, until they find out Biden did do it, in which case the bar will shift again to protect Biden from any and all culpability… indeed, the idiom, "rules for thee, but not for me" sums it up succinctly. 

To be sure, it is truly incredible watching and listening to Establishment Democrats and the legacy media go to extraordinary pains, bending over backward, and twisting themselves into a knot of moral relativism in a pathetic, delirious effort to make the ludicrous case that it's perfectly fine, no biggie that Joe Biden, as a former Vice President, had possession of Classified Documents, but Trump, as a former President, well, that, good ladies and fine gentlemen, is cause for the death penalty; arguing that Trump's and Biden's situations are entirely different, and yes, while they are different, they are not different in the way that the media would have everyone believe they are. Indeed, the big demarcation point or dissimilarity that the legacy media conveniently leaves out of their ignorant, contrived narrative is that President Trump had and still has a Constitutionally protected right and claim to his Presidential Records under the "Presidential Records Act" as the former "President" Of The United States, which, by the way, in turn, makes it quite literally impossible for him to have obstructed justice in this case, much less, pilfered his own documents; however, on the other hand, Joe Biden, as a former "Vice President," and lest we forget, as a former U.S. Senator, had and has absolutely no such right or claim under the Presidential Records Act to Obama's Presidential Records, or any other classified or declassified documents outside of his current Administration. 

It's called the Presidential Records Act and not the Vice Presidential Records Act; 2nd in line is not 1st in command. You see, unlike Biden, President Trump did not take or keep documents that he did not already have the statutory power and right to take, keep, and declassify in the first place, and nor did he keep them for five years, much less five decades as we now know Joe the Big Guy Biden did.

Furthermore, as it relates to the whole "Trump obstructed justice" supposition/lie that the Left is spinning to justify Trump's prosecution and Biden's pardon, the National Archive's (NARA's) Acting National Archivist, Debra Wall —(who was or is ostensibly suffering from a severe and chronic case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, triggered by President Trump's legal possession of his own Presidential Records that were created during his tenure)— in a deliberate effort to stymie Trump's statutory right, under the "Presidential Records Act," to "NEGOTIATE" what, if any or if all, documents or items he can and could retain from his Administration for his future Presidential Library, claimed that she had contacted the DOJ, alleging, albeit falsely alleging, that Trump was "not cooperating" with them. She claimed that Trump was delaying the return of HIS Presidential Records, when in fact, she knew that was a lie, that not only had he been regularly turning over documents to the Archives through the Presidential Records Act NEGOTIATIONS PROCESS —a process that, according to Constitutional Scholar Mike Davis, affords all former Presidents a five-year window in which to negotiate— but she also knew that, in 2012, a D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that "NARA DOES NOT have the authority to designate materials as Presidential Records, and NARA lacks any right, duty, or means to seize control of them" from a former President… so you see, it was all a rouse, a cunning, carefully planned scurrilous rouse to pin a crime on Trump. 

Many of you might recall that a day or two before Robert Hur abruptly shut down his classified documents investigation into Joe Biden,  Congressman James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, publicly disclosed a timeline of Swiss cheese discrepancies in Biden's "convoluted" tall tale that his rather large cache of Classified Documents was "an inadvertent misplacement of documents upon his departure from office on January 20th, 2017 —(whereby, co-inky-dinkly, only classified documents found their way into Biden's SIX or so separate private properties, in three different states, including the District of Columbia (D.C.)….).

In discussing Biden's timeline of discrepancies, Congressman Comer stated, "There is no reasonable explanation as to why (in 2021) this many White House employees and lawyers were so concerned with retrieving boxes they believed only contained personal documents and materials..." a year before the supposed, "surprise" discovery of Classified Documents, in Biden's U-Penn office at the Penn Biden Center, was announced, which: 

1) Oddly enough, is a center that China is, in point of fact, bankrolling. 


2) Contrary to Biden's claims that he cooperated with the Justice Department, and contrary to the Left's claims that Trump obstructed justice, demonstrates that it was, in actual fact, Biden who obstructed justice and not Trump.

And why?

Well, because, clearly, in light of Congressman Comer's timeline, the purported surprise discovery of Classified Documents wasn't and couldn't possibly have been a surprise, ergo, proving that Biden, in fact, not only knew all along that he was in unlawful possession of Classified Documents but that he did so "willfully" withhold them from the government after he left office. All of which Special Counsel Robert Hur obviously knew because he, as affirmed in his report, stated that: "In a recorded conversation with his ghostwriter in February 2017, about a month after he left office, Mr. Biden said, while referencing his 2009 Thanksgiving memo, that he had 'just found all the classified stuff downstairs.'" 

Ergo, using one's logical deductive reasoning skills, that would suggest, or moreover, unequivocally demonstrate that Biden's White House employees and attorneys did, in fact, according to Merrick Garland and Jack Smith's new interpretation of what constitutes "tampering with evidence," tamper with Classified Documents, a year before they finally decided to contact the government to inform them that they had come across Classified Documents.

All of which, consequently, begs the question or question(s):

1- What were Biden's White House employees/staff and attorneys doing with said Classified Documents during that one-year period between January 2021 & February 2022 before they notified the government of their supposed "surprise" discovery of Classified Documents? —(which, in point of fact, turned out to be numerous boxes packed with thousands of Classified Documents.)


2- Were they, with the intent to protect and shield Joe Biden from criminal prosecution, destroying classified documents that contained damning evidence pertaining to the Biden Crime Families' pay-for-play foreign influence peddling and money laundering schemes with Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, and/or any other country, for that matter, that was bankrolling the Bidens special interest enrichment program? 

Clearly, or at least, to the morally and ethically honest, this reeks of the rotten, putrid stench of a Deep State political coverup, which I'm sure Robert Hur is not only well aware of at this point but likely knew within days of being appointed to investigate Biden's mishandling, or, more accurately put, theft and disclosure of Classified Documents… I mean, seriously, what are the Democrats going to do next to save Biden's bacon, amend Article II, Section I of the Constitution, the Presidential Oath of Office to say, "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States… on the days that I remember that I am President?"

Indeed, while Biden, through his nauseatingly self-righteous obstinate bigotry, feigned outrage, and holier than thou hypocritical sanctimony, was out there preaching, propagating, pandering, and saying things like "How could anyone be that irresponsible…" in reference to and condemnation of President Trump's handling of Classified Documents, he was, in actuality, the one who had not only WILLFULLY concealed the fact that it was he who had stolen and disclosed Classified Documents, while carelessly leaving them strewn all over the place, in tattered, dirty boxes, in several unsecured locations across several states, but also that he, unlike Trump, knew that what he had done by taking Classified Documents dating back to 1974, as a freshman U.S. Senator and up until noon on January 21st, 2017 as Vice President, without the sanctioned requisite authority to do so, was not only illegal but was also far more dangerous to our National Security Interests than anything President Trump had done… 

Unlike Biden, Trump's possession of classified documents was not only protected under the Presidential Records Act but was also guarded around the clock by both video surveillance and the Secret Service; Biden's was not! 

In light of the Hur Report and the timeline of discrepancies, Congressman James Comer released a statement stating that "Important questions remain about the extent of Joe Biden retaining sensitive materials related to specific countries involving his family's influence peddling schemes that brought in millions for the Bidens…" going on to say that "While the Justice Department has closed its investigation, the Oversight Committee's investigation continues."

Needless to say, despite Special Counsel Robert Hur's declination to charge and prosecute Biden for his crimes, he inarguably made the case that:

1– Joe Biden was, in fact, guilty of "willfully" stealing and disclosing classified documents/information over the course of 44 years, and in doing so, risked our National Security.


2– That Biden is manifestly unfit or mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Ergo, if Biden is not competent to stand trial, he most certainly is not competent to serve as the President of the United States, arguably the most powerful position in the world… there is no middle ground here; it is a binary choice:

1- If, as the Democrats are claiming, Biden is fit to serve as President, then he is unequivocally fit to stand trial.


2– If, as Special Counsel Robert Hur is claiming, Biden is unfit to stand trial, then he is most definitely unfit to serve as President and, therefore, must be removed from office using the 25th Amendment. 

You can NOT have it both ways! 

Linda Genzel, editor


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