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Joe Biden has no Answer to Solve Skyrocketing Gas Prices

President Biden at his town hall with Anderson Cooper claimed he had no near-term answer to solve the problem of skyrocketing gas prices.

Instead of taking accountability for the soaring cost of fuel, he blamed OPEC for the cost of fuel.

Critics of Biden were quick to note that there are remedies that are readily available should Biden truly take an interest to help Americans.

Steve Scalise, (R-LA) quickly took to Facebook to describe policies that if implemented would quickly lower the cost of fuel.

  • HR-684 Keystone XL Pipeline Construction and Jobs Preservation Act. This would authorize the XL pipeline construction. A simple green light would create thousands of jobs,

  • HR-859 To prohibit the President from issuing moratoria on leasing and permitting energy and minerals on certain Federal land, and for other purposes. to repeal Biden's oil and gas executive orders

There are other solutions that would end the high price of gasoline at the pumps created by this current administration. These House resolutions would help to end the reliance on energy from foreign adversaries. They would drive down the cost of gasoline and natural gas. In addition, they would employ Americans and help stimulate the economy.

HR-1575 grants the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission the authority to approve or deny applications for facilities, such as liquefied natural gas terminals, to export natural gas from the United States to foreign countries or import natural gas from foreign countries.

HR-522 requires the Department of the Interior to hold at least two region-wide oil and gas lease sales per year in the Gulf of Mexico. Each lease sale must include areas in the Central Gulf of Mexico Planning Area and the Western Gulf of Mexico Planning Area. In addition, the bill establishes deadlines for completing environmental reviews of the lease sales.

President Biden, "urged OPEC and its allies to boost oil output to tackle rising gasoline prices that they see as a threat to the global economic recovery." However had he not used his executive authority to eliminate American energy independence, there would not be the soaring prices at the pump American's are currently experiencing.

It has been estimated that these soaring prices will continue until next year. This has many Americans anticipating a very cold dismal winter.

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