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King Biden Needs to be Dethroned

Independence Day is in a few short days, and while the Nation prepares to celebrate her independence from a tyrannical King across the pond, many people are wondering why we declared our independence from a king thousands of miles away when we have replaced them right here at home.

Sounds hyperbolic and a little dystopian right? Despite how it reads, there is so much evidence that could prove this to be factually correct. King's rule by fiat. What they say goes. Let the courts sort it out. Thus denying due process to the accused, and having to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees to get any resolution.

Taking into account the media and their attempt to label the protests on January 6th as an insurrection, a group of individuals armed with violent words and anger stormed the Capitol building. In an attempt to have their voices be heard, the group of individuals, following a cos-playing character labeled as the Q-anon Shaman walked into the Capitol. Some sat at Pelosi's desk, others just sat. Many were angry and used foul language to express their disgust at an election they truly believed was stolen from them. These angry individuals heavily armed with sticks and poles entered the building with the purpose of being heard.

There were some windows broken, and some officers injured, but our records indicate there was only one person shot and killed in the skirmish an unarmed woman who either got caught up in the moment but posed no physical harm to anyone, shot and killed by Capitol Police in what could only be described as a murdered in cold blood.

This begs the question, for a group of people who support the Second Amendment which many of the protesters did, with such tenacity, why was there no use of guns from the protesters? Also, there were no fires set, and priceless works of art remained unmolested by the protestors. The media's account greatly exaggerated the damage incurred and labeled their protest an insurrection. Technically punishable by death.

If not death, then to be held in federal prison without due process for as long as the justice department can hold them there.

These people truly believed with every fiber in their body that the election was stolen from them. Many had campaigned for the former President, they went to rally after rally, only to be shocked when after leading in the polls, after their hard work, a sudden change of events that rocked the nation occurred in the wee hours whereby Biden suddenly won the election. A man who for all intents and purposes campaigned from his basement, could not put a cognitive thought into a sentence, and had beat the incumbent candidate.

A man whom people knew to have business dealings with foreign countries, who literally had a prosecutor in a foreign country fired due to his investigating his son, but.... this man apparently won an election.

Back to the king. The king has decreed that his political opponents be jailed. Biden Promised To Throw His Opponents In Jail. The FBI Arrested A GOP Gubernatorial Candidate The Next Morning. Biden on the late-night show with Jimmy Kimmel pledged to jail his political opponents. A Putinesque philosophy if ever there was one. And sure enough, Michigan governor candidate Ryan Kelly was arrested for being present at the Capitol on January 6th.

The King declared that his subjects would be mandated to receive a shot in the arm as a representative of a vaccine to fight the disease known as Covid. All businesses with 100 or more employees were required by law to demand proof that their employees had received the vaccine. Deeming it to be a safe guarantee against the virus, the king asked demanded his department step into the fray to ensure his subjects complied with his decree.

Yet, no one dared question the King's financial interest for such a decree. However, it was discovered that the Biden Penn Center makes money off mRNA a technology that this particular vaccine employs in its delivery process. But then again the King has full autonomy over his subjects.

Our King has decided that domestic drilling of oil and gas is bad. Not that oil and gas are a bad product, but that domestic producers of it are bad people. So the King has been heavily entrenched in making negotiations with American rivals to procure oil and gas. on his first day in office, he made that declaration by executive order to punish domestic oil producers. Then when the price of oil and gas skyrocketed, he took to placing the blame on war across the ocean. This despite the fact that prior to the war, the cost to purchase oil, gas, and food was increasing at levels higher than Americans have seen in a lifetime.

If the economy isn't bad enough for people to want to dethrone the king, there are other issues that should be addressed. His Department of Justice has taken to investigating parents at school board meetings who vehemently oppose the woke agenda that is currently being taught in their schools.

Now, the King has decided that in order for his younger subjects to have a more inclusive childhood experience, he has declared that "Kindergarten thru 12 schools must allow boys into girls’ private areas to obtain federal funds for lunches, breakfasts, and snacks." Apparently, children are no longer protected from the prying eyes of the opposite sex. Even if one's sexual orientation is fluid on any given day.

Is it time to dethrone the king? While many leftists and democrats openly advocate for the policies of this administration, the excessive use of executive orders, the censorship of opposing opinions, the use of partisan fact-checkers, and the financial ruin of her citizens for the purpose of an undefined goal, where will this put America? Is America turning into a 3rd world country before our very eyes?

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Thank you for reading. God Bless and please help our nation

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