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Leftists Border Disaster To 'Cloward Piven' Second Amendment

It is extremely frustrating and unfortunate that some Americans, even Conservatives, characterize the border policy of the Biden Cabal as bumbling and inept. Such voices go on to claim those calling the shots in the White House (ostensibly Ol' Joe, but we all know better...) are exhibiting gross incompetence as the border disaster ensues.

The real incompetence is that which is displayed by those who dangerously and naively presume the hemorrhaging at the Nation's Southern Border not to be fully intentional. Something very dark and dangerous is afoot, and unless Americans recognize the vast scope of the threat being brought against them, it may soon be too late to correct the situation. The clock is ticking on our once-great America.

If all of this sounds too panicked and "conspiratorial," it might be good to consider not only what we are witnessing in 2024, but the chain of events and abuses during the past few decades which have brought us to this dire precipice. Too many pieces have been moved too deliberately and methodically into place for our current plight to have been an accident. But as grim as things currently are, they will pale in comparison to the future that faces us if we continue to respond with general passivity to the treasonous plot.

Blatant border betrayals have been happening as far back as 1986, when the infamous Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty act was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan, who naively believed leftist and RINO promises that real border security was part of the deal. Other attempts to legitimize the invasion occurred at the hands of Arizona RINO Senator John McCain in 2007. Of course, there have been the many attempts to pass the "Dream Act," which is falsely claimed to give aspiring young people access to the hopes and promises of America. But despite its fluffy-sounding facade, from the start it was nothing but a flagrant effort to open the floodgates of military-aged foreigners coming onto American soil.

All those fervent, empty promises from the "Ruling Class" to make America secure and preserve it for Americans were exposed by President Donald Trump, the one man who truly sought to secure the border. To his shock and dismay, the entire Congress, both Houses, suddenly rallied in an extreme exhibition of "unity" against him, thwarting every effort he made to stop the invasion.

With the stolen election of 2020, and the subsequent power grab by the leftist/Democrat cabal that now occupies the White House, the border travesty went into overdrive. Enormous perks are now being offered to entice illegals to violate American soil, and every effort is made to permeate the entire Nation with their presence. The people on Main Street are rightly outraged, but still do not grasp the full scope of what is being done to wrest their Homeland from them.

At the founding of America, it was fully understood that only an armed citizenry was capable of preserving and protecting the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution, which is the specific reason we have the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. It is wholly noteworthy that, almost from the beginning of our Republic, power-mongers in high office have relentlessly sought various means of undermining it. These efforts reached a fevered pitch during the sinister years of the Obama Administration.

Several ploys were undertaken to discredit firearms in the hands of the peasantry (that's us), including the "Fast and Furious" debacle by which Mexican cartels were deliberately armed by American government agents. And never forget Obama's dream of a "civilian police force," which would differ from the United States Military in only one aspect. Its guns would be pointed not at hostile foreign armies, but at the American people. To this day, every mass shooting incident is jubilantly seized upon by the entire leftist political/media axis to grandstand and demand gun confiscation.

Frustrated that their frontal assaults on the Second Amendment have failed, and given that the appalling over-reaches and abuses of power in recent years have spawned fear and distrust among the people, leftists/Globalists of the "Deep State" have been compelled to resort to another back door approach to disarm the common man. And this is where a major undercurrent of the border debacle is now coming into focus.

 Back in 1966 Richard Cloward and Frances Piven created their infamous "Cloward-Piven" strategy, in which they theorized economically destabilizing stable, free market nations to convert them to Marxism. Described in biographies as "sociologists," they were actually leftist radicals, bent on destroying America, which they regarded as the single greatest roadblock to worldwide Communism. Their plan was to overwhelm the financial infrastructure of a nation, through moral debasement, addictions etc, creating a dysfunctional populace that would overload the ability of private and government "help" programs to keep pace with the burgeoning crisis.

Since then, leftists have recognized that this mode of attack can not only succeed economically but throughout the entire social fabric of the Country. And that's where the massive inflow of foreigners, often from hostile cultures that are antithetical to American ideals of mutual respect and personal accountability, comes into play. Much like the leftist counterculture, these foreign invaders are emboldened by race-baiting and word on the street that they will face no legal repercussions for their assaults and mayhem. In contrast, Mainstream America has been browbeaten into nearly mindless compliance in recent years (Think Covid "lockdowns" J6, and the outrages committed by the FBI/DOJ in its aftermath).

Can there be any doubt that amid all of the confusion, those military-aged men are getting their hands on firearms in previously unimaginable numbers? As the leftists of the Biden Cabal continue to decry Americans having the ability to defend themselves, it is certain that they are doing their utmost to outfit the "army" they fully intend to deploy against us. In the meantime, every distraction, from "inhumane" razor wire to "kids in cages," is given center stage. The goal is to keep us from getting too concerned, until the pieces are in place and "marching orders" can be given.

Watch how fervently any efforts to actually secure the border are opposed and condemned. The plan is moving along at breakneck speed now.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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