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Marjorie Taylor Greene Stripped of Committee Assignments over Tweets

Newly elected House of Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene was stripped Thursday of her committee assignments for controversial comments she had made on social media posts. Comments that she had made prior to her being elected to the House.

Criticism of her pre-election posts that some considered conspiratorial in nature; the government was behind the 9/11 attacks and questioning some school shootings as false flag events.

The First Amendment clearly states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Meaning, the government may not jail, fine, or impose civil liability on people or organizations based on what they say or write, except in exceptional circumstances.

Given that it was the government who voted to have Greene removed from her committees for expression of her First Amendment rights, it calls into question was she denied her right by the very government that is supposed to support free speech.

While Adam Schiff pretended to be reading from the transcript of former President Trump during a congressional hearing where he made an impression of Trump being a mobster, only to find out that the President had released the transcript of the phone conversation between himself and President Zelensky of Ukraine, and the imitation Schiff made was anything but a representation of the call. Adam Schiff went on television several times to declare he had undeniable proof of Russian collusion while presenting nothing. He has yet to be removed from his committee assignments.

Eric Swalwell, who was infiltrated by a Chinese spy in his office, has yet to be denied of any of his committee assignments while sitting on the House Intelligence Committee. Maxine Waters who openly cried for people to get into the face of Trump supporters and tell them they are "not welcome anywhere" has not been removed from any of her committee positions.

While Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez flaunts her belief that Ted Cruz wanted her murdered on Twitter without proof, she has not even been reprimanded by any member of the house. She posted a live feed from her Instagram account claiming she believed her life was in danger during the protests that occurred on January 6. And equated that experience to a sexual assault event.

The following Republicans were among those who joined the Democrats in having Marjorie Taylor Green removed from her committee assignments.

Chris Smith (NJ)

This highly controversial decision on behalf of House Democrats and the eleven Republicans who sought to have her removed from committee assignments do they have any controversial comments that uncovered would expose them to public ridicule? And if so, would they vote themselves off their committees?

If it is not clear by now that the First Amendment is under attack by Democrats, and some Republicans that there are two standards when it comes to Free Speech, then America is going to lose its ability to debate substantive issues facing the country.

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