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Masks orders extended not based on science but leverage to push radical vaccine mandates.

~by staff writer Jennifer Amodei

According to internal studies done by Ventura County's Heath director Dr. Levin dated April 27th, 2020, the study questions the efficiency of the masks in various settings and goes into detail whether they do reduce the spread of the Covid 19 virus. It concludes that the general type of cloth masks used does not have significant protection against the virus. The study has been attached to this article for the general publics' view.

An email from the health departments Ashley Bautista, dated October 19th, 2021, states that the study conducted was based on what was available at the time since N95 masks were short to come by. Since that study, he has changed his stance on cloth masks based on if they are washed frequently. The email goes on to state that the goal post of having 80% of the Ventura Country population vaccinated as the endpoint to remove the masks is not based on children 5 -11 as the request for the Emergency Use Act was only asked for eight weeks ago. Although in the health directive it does not specify that and leaves it ambiguous.

When the study was conducted efficacy of the masks back in April of 2020, it questioned the performance of the product, and now the health department seems to be backtracking that the same product is now ok based on how much we wash it. Countless studies have been conducted since and confirm that the virus is microscopic and no mask could stop the spread. Yet here we find the goalpost moved again; a carrot almost always is out of reach. And with its true intent for the directive unclear and unsubstantiated, the question of their true intent if not to stop the spread, then why continue this ongoing mass psychosis of the general public?

Now by aligning the verbiage and mention of children 5 -11, those who willingly glance at the directive could be under the assumption that the mask mandate will not be removed till our children are vaccinated. This health directive comes the day after a state-wide walkout of parents across the state who absolutely do not want their children to participate in the trials for the experimental mRNA vaccine. Some have argued that we will not be out of the pandemic till vaccination is universal, as in the case of Smallpox. Let's take a moment to compare the two. The Smallpox vaccine stops the spread of Smallpox; Covid 19 vaccine has proven not to stop the spread as you can still get the virus and spread it. It also has not proven to be 100% safe; with death listed as a possible side effect, should it not be up to people whether their medical situation warrants such a risk, especially for their children?

In the email from the health department Ashley Bautista, pointed out that "Vaccines continue to be the most effective way to protect YOURSELF from serious illness, hospitalization, or death." Emphasizing the word yourself because the government's only responsibility is to protect the general public; they have no jurisdiction to command what they feel is best for your health. If that were the case, they would have outlawed cigarettes years ago, as they kill 8 million a year. Whether or not you want to take that known risk is up to the individual, not the government.

The same manipulation of words has convinced many to take the vaccine based on FDA approvals. Yet again, this was a blatant twisting of words as the Comirnaty vaccine was approved but is not on the market in the U.S.A. only the vaccine available is through the Emergency Use Act. Why is that important? In a recent case, Johnson and Johnson were fined 100 million dollars for 1,000 people that contracted ovarian cancer from their product. The VARES reporting has hundred and thousands of injuries, and more deaths than all other vaccines combined and leaves the price tag to deal with these now inflicted ailments at the expense of the citizen. All the while, early treatment remedies are being maligned by mainstream media as conspiracy horse medicine even though countries like India claim they cured in the provenance of over 200 million by use of this safe 50-year-old tested and noble peace prize medicine Ivermectin. A medicine over 200 congress members have taken themselves with none of them having to be hospitalized.

At the same time, good doctors with long-standing credentials are losing their jobs amongst millions of Americans for even taking this stance. All the while, mainstream media flashes before another program that their sponsors are Big Pharma. Given the billions being made at the expense of Americans, they should be the trusted source for news and medical advice and not those willing to put everything on the line, to tell the truth. And suppose such a safe product has always been on the market as Ivermectin as the solution to Covid 19. In that case, the Emergency Use Act shielded the government, and the manufacturer was given under false pretenses could see both parties liable for the damage they willingly caused. Although the media in the free market system can accumulate funds from big Pharma to operate, it is clear they have tainted their narrative. But the government is not allowed this same free pass. And as the cloud of unsubstantiated directives continues to rain down, the people will need to raise up and question those that seem to govern without much regard. Have our public officials like those in the media benefited financially from big Pharma? Could a grand jury investigation into our local political system be what is needed to receive the truth?

Too many honorable people are currently giving up everything they have worked for this very issue and, like our founding fathers, once sacrificed all for the good of the nation. But now, the blanket of fear paralyzes most, fear for losing their jobs, fear for losing their status, fear stopping them from taking a stand. And at what amount of shots are they finally willing to say something? Those brave enough through history knew a life not lived in pursuit of freedom and moral principles wasn't a life worth living. The many heroes we have looked up to change the course of mankind we now live among in our doctors, firefighters, teachers, and military. Those that have walked the wall for our safety and freedom continue at much personal expense. The least we can do is question the motives of those in power and whether they are abusing that power at the expense of our shared humanity.

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