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Media Crying Wolf

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Violent activism is on the rise in the United States since President Trump took office in November of 2017. His win, triggered a wave of political violence that swept the nation. From Washington, across the country as members of ANTIFA, the anti-fascist group interrupted demonstration after demonstration of Conservative speakers. Often causing thousands of dollars in damage as well as harm to innocent people in their wake.

Fueling this political discontent is the main stream media industrial complex. Media commentators from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, have actively engaged in name calling of the President, not his policies, per se, but the individual himself. "Racist, Xenophobic, Misogynist, "Russian asset" have been mentioned so often, that one would think there is a monster occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The media has been so littering up the air-waves with verbal vomit so much so, that 90% of political coverage of the President and his supporters is negative to extremely negative. Even viewing his Twitter feed there is a good percentage of comments so vile, the average person would not engage in such discourse. But, because Twitter for the most part is internet related, people sit behind the security of their phone for anonymity to disrupt, polite or content related issues.

Even members of congress, who enjoy the status of being in the legislative body of government have engaged openly in such distasteful and destructive behavior. One Congressman from Texas, Joaquin Castro, posted a list of donors to the President's campaign, claiming they were public information. However this public information, that is attainable is time consuming, to obtain, and takes considerable effort to doxx the average citizen. He put the livelihood, and possibly life of his constituents in jeopardy by his stunt, in order to shame people of a different political opinion.

Grabien News posted a montage where media celebrities accuse the American public of being racist as well as misogynistic for voting for President Trump.

Members of the House of Representatives have even decided to join in on the "bullying" of conservatives and the President. Taking to rants that are devoid of evidence. Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocassio Cortez, Rashida Tliab, Ted Lieu, and others have left their social graces to engage in abhorrent behavior in public and as well as on social media.

What is fueling this rage against middle America? What is it that these alleged politicians want? Who is driving this division in our country and for what purpose?

The media and Democratic politicians have been crying "wolf" with no actual proof other than their opinion so often since the legal election of President Trump, that should a real racist take office, no one would notice. This sets a dangerous precedent for civility or lack thereof in American culture and politics. They have made a brain-dead argument for disagreement on policy, labeling everything "racist", even though they have strongly supported past identical policies.

Wecu will be investigating the origins of the media narrative regarding conservatives in an attempt to get to the bottom of these vile attacks on conservatives and Trump supporters.

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