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Medical Care be Provided for Babies of botched abortions

~ by Ronald J. Owens jr.

Missouri Rep. Ann Wagner,  introduced a bill this week that would mandate that medical care be provided to babies who survive a botched abortion.

Wagner said the U.S. Constitution clearly states all who are born in this county are entitled to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and equal protection under the law. She noted that our Founding Fathers did not put age limits on who is entitled to life.

“But over the past month I’ve been astounded to watch radical legislators upend our Constitution and argue that babies who survive abortions should not be given the same level of medical care that other newborn babies are given,” Wagner said.

Wagner referenced the New York bill --which principally allows abortion right up to birth-- that repealed a law mandating medical care for any baby born alive during abortion. Wagner also cited a Virginia proposal --which thankfully died in committee-- that would have allowed an abortion up to the moment of delivery.

“Congress must act to protect the babies who cannot protect themselves,” Wagner said earlier today at a House Republican leader’s news conference. “And this week I have introduced ‘The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,’ we’re calling it ‘The Born Alive Act,’ this is HR 962.”

Wagner said her bill ensures that babies who survives abortions receive immediate life-saving care, just as any other baby would.

“The bill would require health care providers to exercise skill, care and diligence to preserve the lives and health of these children and immediately transport and admit them to the hospital,” Wagner said.

“‘The Born Alive Act’ is not radical legislation,” insisted Wagner, who seemed to hope that she get support from her Democrat colleagues. “It just make certain that America’s children receive appropriate medical care upon their birth. We can and we should all be able to come together and to agree that if a child is born alive, then every effort should be made to protect his or her precious life.”

Wagner said Republican House Minority Whip Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise is filling a discharge petition to bring “The Born Alive Act” straight to the floor for vote. Scalise confirmed this but he didn’t state when the vote would occur.

“I think that many American are shocked to find out that it’s legal to kill a baby after it’s been born, after it’s come out of the mother’s womb,” Scalise said. “How is that possible and legal in America? It shouldn’t be, and so this legislation ‘The Born Alive Bill,’ would actually give protection to those people who can’t protect themselves,”

It looked like Scalise was trying to reach across the aisle and appeal to Americans who are proponents of abortion.

“Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice we all agree --we should all agree that-- that babies should have protections as everybody else, and that’s what the bill does,” said Scalise.

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, chair of the House Republican Conference, asked mothers across the country to join them to stop killing babies after they are born.

“We don’t want to see our maternity wards turned into killing fields, which is what the Democrats would do, if we don’t stop this,” said Cheney, who noted that she is a mother of five kids.

“So we are absolutely dedicated to stopping this, dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable among us, which are the unborn,” Cheney said. “And the notion that we’re having to debate about whether or not you should be able to kill babies, is I said, absolutely horrific and evil, and we will stand up against that.”

Wagner said “either you support babies being denied life-saving health care after they’re born, or you don’t, it’s as simple as that.”

~Ronald F. Owens Jr.

(Author’s Note: I am interested what happens in my/our beloved country and I like reporting about current events to inform all of you. But to see what I’m also passionate writing about visit Thank you.)

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